Quick Hitters: Kansas City Offensive Game Plan

Monday night, the Kansas City Chiefs travel to Invesco Field to face the Denver Broncos. Never mind that the Chiefs have never beaten the Broncos in Denver since they moved to the new digs in 2001.

Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil himself has expressed his frustration at his 0-4 record against the Broncos. The Chiefs are hoping to reverse that trend in front of a national television audience. The Broncos have had one of the best defenses in the league now a few years running. With their talent and exceptional team speed, they can overwhelm an offense quickly. Linebackers Ian Gold, Al Wilson and D.J. Williams make it tough to get anything going on the perimeter and in the intermediate area offensively. Denver also hase one the best cornerbacks in the game in Champ Bailey and the cerebral, hard-hitting safety in John Lynch. Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Al Saunders will have his hands full drawing up a game plan for this active, smart defense.

Here are the three offensive keys to the game.

1. Get Everyone Involved

The Broncos are active and all their defenders seem to get to the ball in a hurry. By spreading the ball around, the Chiefs can prevent the Broncos from keying on one thing. The Chiefs can slow down the defenders by making them read and react as opposed to diagnosing plays early and flowing towards the ball.

2. Use Misdirection Plays and Play-Action

With all the team speed the Broncos have, the Chiefs' offense needs to get the defenders moving away from the play to get space for the backs and receivers to operate. Getting the defense flowing in the direction opposite of the play, the Chiefs can use the Broncos' speed to their advantage. With play action, the Chiefs can suck the linebackers and safeties towards the line of scrimmage and throw over the top.

3. Use Multiple Receiver Sets

By utilizing multiple receiver sets, the Chiefs can force the Broncos to go away from the team strength, the linebackers, and bring additional defensive backs on the field. The Broncos' depth in the secondary is suspect. The Chiefs can run out of the multiple receiver sets and create additional space for the running backs to operate.

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