Offense Was Flat All Night in Denver

Last night's game in Denver was the worst performance by the Kansas City Chiefs offense this season. Of course, the team has only played three games. Still, the effort was terrible and embarrassing. The Chiefs offense came out with absolutely no fire whatsoever.

Sure, I'd like to believe that the injuries took their toll, that with all the guys banged up it was inevitable, but I can't that. The destroyed themselves, allowing the Denver defense to dictate the terms of the game. Having said all that, it's not the end of the world. There are still 13 games to be played.

There are some truths that were exposed last night in Mile High. As high as the expectations were for the Chiefs at the outset of the season, the Chiefs are in for a fight to take the AFC West and make a run for the playoffs. The Chiefs could not get anything going offensively against the Broncos, mustering a pitiful three points after 58:00 of play. They finally made it into the end zone with about 2:00 left, against a soft prevent defense by the Broncos.

To be honest, the Chiefs haven't looked that great offensively this season. The Chiefs were able to garner some success at home against the Jets and on the road against the Raiders, but the Chiefs haven't been their typical explosive selves this season. The question remains is this temporary, or is it a sign of the decline of their high-octane offense.

As with all games, it all started up front. The Chiefs were unable to protect quarterback Trent Green, giving up two sacks and allowing the Broncos to knockdown Green eight times. The Chiefs had no answer for defensive lineman Trevor Pryce, who probably punched his ticket to Hawaii last night. As a whole the wide receiver corps looked overmatched, including all-world tight end Tony Gonzalez. Sammie Parker looked overwhelmed and dropped several key passes. Dante Hall was rendered ineffective. Only Eddie Kennison appeared sharp, catching eight passes for 112 yards.

The running game was even worse with the Chiefs managing only 74 yards rushing against the strong Denver front seven. Neither Priest Holmes nor Larry Johnson, who missed some holes, was able to find a rhythm versus the swarming Broncos defense that was intent on shutting down the Chiefs running game. Kansas City made the dubious decision to hold out Priest Holmes in a key goal line situation late in the second quarter and they settled for a field goal

Obviously, the Chiefs missed starting left tackle Willie Roaf, but it is doubtful that even the future Hall of Famer could have stopped the bleeding. Backup tight end and usually punishing blocker Jason Dunn was apparently still suffering from the effects of his collection of injuries. It appears that the Chiefs will continue to have difficulty as long as these key components are operating in a diminished capacity.

As bad as this loss was, there's still no reason for the Chiefs faithful to panic. The Chiefs are still 2-1 and still in a great position in the division.

The Chiefs have a difficult game against the Eagles and their vaunted defense Sunday, but the friendly confines of Arrowhead Stadium should make it easier for the Chiefs offense to get on track early.

If the offense and the rest of the team can show some life and beat the Eagles, then they'll head into the bye week with a 3-1 record and that's more than most thought would happen when the schedule was announced in April.

After the Eagles game, the team gets to enjoy their bye week and based on how beat up they are in week three, they'll need the rest to get their players closer to 100%.

Monday night's loss was more embarrassing than anything else. But if the Chiefs stumble against the Eagles at home, then it might be time to panic especially if their ineffective offense can't get back on track Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead. If that happens, all bets are off. Top Stories