Ask Boomer Grigsby: Stopping the Eagles Big 3

Well the Chiefs didn't get the job in Denver last week but that's all behind them now as they prepare to face the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. In these weeks ‘ Ask Boomer Grigsby' segment, the Chiefs middle linebacker takes one last look back at the loss in Denver and a quick look ahead to the Eagles who visit Arrowhead on Sunday before answering your questions.

Q. Warpaint Illustrated - Boomer thanks for joining us again this week. Obviously the game in Denver didn't go as planned. Looking back at the game one final time what were your thoughts?

A. Boomer Grigsby - "I think a good football team came out and played real good. In the NFL it's known that the home team has a distinct advantage statistically. If the home team plays really really well and the opposing team does not come out and play good. The game is not going to go your way. You can't play all right on the road. But if you want to win, you have to play good on the road."

Q. Warpaint Illustrated - Talk about the Eagles for a minute. Obviously the have a triple threat in Terrell Owens, Brian Westbrook and Donovan McNabb. What have you seen in the game film that leads you to believe they can be stopped?

A. Boomer Grigsby - "Of course you're aiming to stop their three main weapons. Everyone knows who the three main weapons are and who knows if there is a complete way to shut down all three. Obviously, they are all great players. I think the best way to do it so try to go out and play sound football. No matter what your scheme is or what you do the best; you have to play sound football to stop those three great players. You have to be disciplined in your schemes."

Q. Denver Chiefs Fan - How did it feel to go up to Denver and suffer your first NFL loss in such a hostile environment and in the way we lost it?

A. Boomer Grigsby - "It was a different feeling since we won the first two games. But to me losing a football game is losing a football game. I'm still a rookie at nature and by heart. Even losing in the preseason hurts. Losing during the regular season obviously means more and will impact the final record. But to me losing is losing. It hurt a little bit. But it taught me in the NFL you can't win them all and it's all about how you bounce back."

Q. Denver Chiefs Fan - Can you guarantee us a better showing against the Eagles this week?

A. Boomer Grigsby - "I can promise no outcome but I can be pretty assuring to everyone that I can guarantee a better performance by our team. This is a team with a lot of veterans that knows how to respond to a difficult time."

Q. 44 Grimace - It's nice to see you play with intensity all the time. Any routines you could share with the rest of the team to get them jacked up?

A. Boomer Grigsby - "I don't think so. I think I need to work on myself getting jacked up. I play with a lot of excitement and energy. But I need to rack up some tackles on special teams. It's starting to bug me. I never played special teams in college so this is a new experience for me. I've had a couple of bad breaks. I've been clipped a few times and missed one or two tackles. I need to get down the field and start knocking people's heads off. The best way for me to bring out excitement in the rest of team is for me to make some plays so they can see how excited I get."

Q. Splat 420 - What is the best thing about playing for the Chiefs?

A. Boomer Grigsby - "I think the fans at Arrowhead stadium. They go hand in hand. It's probably one of the greatest playing environments in any sport. The people love the chiefs so much and they care so much about the game and how they play. When they show up they scream with all their hearts and you can feel how much it means to the people."

Q. Move Over Hockey I'm A Chiefs Fan Now - Have you had a chance to follow your former team, the ISU Redbirds, this season and their success?

A. Boomer Grigsby - "Yes I have. They're 2-1 and they lost to Iowa State which wasn't a bad loss. They only lost by 11 points and Iowa State went on to beat Iowa which is huge. This week they square off against Youngstown State and I'm going to visit them when they play Western Kentucky." Top Stories