Ask Eddie Kennison: No Hard Feelings

One of the bright spots on offense this season for the Kansas City Chiefs has been the play of wide receiver Eddie Kennison. In our efforts to bring you more original content and features at Warpaint Illustrated, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Eddie Kennison will answer your questions every other week.

Eddie Kennison is a strong supporter of Warpaint Illustrated and he was very appreciative of the kindness our posters shared with him during some recent hard times with his wife during training camp.

He wanted to express his thoughts to all of our members and agreed to answer questions from the great fans of the Kansas City Chiefs and those of Warpaint Illustrated.

Q. KC Chiefs 88 - Eddie, do you get a little bit more hyped when you play the Broncos? You seem to shine against them (and many other teams) but it's like you're out for revenge. Is that true? They (the broncos fans) seem to love throwing' those boo birds at you. It's nice to see you put it right back in their face!

A. Eddie Kennison - "I'm never out for revenge. I play this game because I love it and it's my profession. I don't play it for revenge I have nothing against that organization. I love everything I do as a member of the KC Chiefs, as a man of god… a husband and a father and a football player. They boo me because they don't realize that my nickname is Boo. (Breaking into a song) ‘Say my Name, Say My Name'"

At that moment Kansas City Chiefs back-up fullback Ronnie Cruz offered to sing a little back up. Ronnie's not bad nor Eddie for that matter they can each carry a tune.

Q. Ryltar - You have been a part of this offense for four years now, and a part of this great league for many more. What knowledge and experience can you pass down to fellow receivers Samie Parker, Chris Horn and Craphonso Thorpe?

A. Eddie Kennison "Save your money. It's as simple as that. Save your money be smart at what you do off the field. Obviously you have to concentrate; focus and study for the game when we're in season. But for the most be smart do the right things all the time."

Q. Birdman 81 - First I hope your wide is dong better. My prayers and best go out to you and your whole family. Eddie Kennison, you are great at breaking tackles, making people miss, and you still have GREAT hands. I HOPE you don't retire ANYTIME soon, as I see you still have a bright future ahead of you. Are you thinking of retiring next year?

A. Eddie Kennison - "I don't even want people to even bring that word up. I'm not going to let the system retire me. I'm going to retire when I'm ready to retire. The lord says the same. I thank you for your comments. Retirement is not in the plans."

Q. Sonicman 54 - I think it is very refreshing to see an NFL WR that isn't a big 'me' player. If a construction worker left his job to take care of family workers, everyone would understand and support him. Or a teacher, soldier, or fireman. Many people look up to players like Moss and Owens, but you are far more of a hero.

My question is this: We saw that you could gain big after the reception last week (you looked like Holmes for a minute) but we have also seen you go for the long bomb with some success. So what is your favorite route to run?

A. Eddie Kennison - "My favorite routes are all routes that I able get open and catch the football. I don't have one favorite route. Our system has a lot of routes that we can run that allow me to get open and allow other guys to get open to catch the football. What ever routes that I can run that allows me to catch the football ball are my favorite routes."

Q. Warpaint Illustrated - Eddie we had over 1000 people who checked out a post we had offering up prayers to you and your family during training camp. You recently dealt with a personal issue that took you away from the game. Would you like to say something to those from Warpaint Illustrated who offered up their thoughts and prayers?

A. Eddie Kennison - "To all the people who did write in about their concerns for my wife and my family. God Bless all of you. It takes a lot for someone to write in and show concern about someone they hardly know. They know me as Eddie Kennison the football player but they don't know me as Eddie Kennison the man of god, the husband and father. Just for them to write in and express their concerns mean so much not only to me but to my wife. She had an opportunity to read some of the stuff on the website and some of the things that came in. That makes us feel so much more comfortable here in Kansas City knowing we have that kind of support with people we barely know. So thank all of you and God Bless." Top Stories