Eagles Show Chiefs How to be Champions

If you took a poll from every Kansas City Chiefs fan at the end of the first quarter, you'd have been hard pressed to convince anyone that the home team was going to lose this game. After taking a 17-0 lead and a 24-6 lead, the Philadelphia Eagles scored 31 unanswered points in their 37-31 rout of the Chiefs.

This was a very telling loss for this team and this franchise. The defense is better but not by much. The offense for the third consecutive game was nowhere to be found when its defense needed them. The Chiefs tried to emulate the Broncos short passing game and it failed. In fact outside of the two drives and the final meaningless drive this offense was stuck in the mud; that was a victim of its own predictability and the Eagles finally saying to themselves enough is enough.

I can bore you with one statistic after another but the only one that matters is the size of the hearts of the players who make up the Kansas City Chiefs.

As a fan, I'm mad as all heck that over the past two weeks, this team has underachieved. What's even worse is that outside of quarterback Trent Green, not many players showed any emotion about this loss in the locker room.

Forget the facts that the season is a marathon this defense let up 31 unanswered points to a team at home. This was a big LOSS!

The Chiefs defense has returned to its old form and after spending nearly $100 million to fix the defense it's obviously still broken. McNabb picked the defense apart even with the Chiefs knowing he was going to throw the ball nearly 90% of the time. Still they were powerless in stopping him from passing for nearly 400 yards as he had all day long to complete passes.

Granted the Chiefs defense had to play much of the third and fourth quarters because the teams offense once again fell asleep in the middle of the game. It's clear this team misses defensive tackle Ryan Sims much more than anyone would have believed when he went down in week one. But as bad as the defense played, the offense was even worse.

Tony Gonzalez had only two catches for a meaningless five yards. Samie Parker didn't have a catch and was yanked in the third quarter. This team has only one NFL caliber receiver on the field and that's Eddie Kennison. This team has to be scrambling for someone else to catch the ball and might be looking to add a veteran receiver during the bye week either by trade or the waiver wire.

Dante Hall had a touchdown late but he's not the answer. After the game Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil indicated that Gonzalez was used a lot in pass blocking plays, that seems to be a waste of his talents.

One of the reasons this offense struggled was its poor play along the offensive line. Outside of the teams first two drives, the offensive line was not only getting beat from the outside but the interior lineman, All Pro's Will Shields and Brian Waters were getting lit up by the Eagles.

Maybe they had to overcompensate because the outside tackles didn't play any better. Jordan Black struggled mightily and so did Kevin Sampson to contain Kearse. Neither could stop the Eagles dedicated pass rusher and for the second week in a row, the offensive lineman fall victim to one of the premier pass rushers in the game. That forced the Chiefs to use a short passing game and it failed miserably. The Eagles linebackers and safeties played up and that crowded the middle of the field thus crowding the passing lanes. The Eagles corners had no problem covering the Chiefs wide receivers one on one. In fact, I can't think of a time when they used a safety to help out in pass coverage.

On the Chiefs side of the ball, our corners gave the Eagles receivers a ten and 15 yard cushion and McNabb that played right into McNabb's strengths as a passer.

That shows the Chiefs don't have much confidence in their corners. It's almost like there afraid to use any press coverage because they don't want to get beat deep. That theory was blown out the window as the Chiefs gave the Eagles the entire middle of the field in which to work drive after drive.

That meant safeties and linebackers had to be used in pass coverage which is perplexing to me. The Chiefs refuse to use the speed of their defense to attack the quarterback. Derrick Johnson spent time covering Terrell Owens and Kendrell Bell was used more in pass coverage than going after McNabb. That's not what they get paid to do and that's why at times they look tentative on the field. The defensive coaching staff needs to make those adjustments during the bye week.

The bottom line to this loss is that the Chiefs have taken two huge steps backward as they could not sustain the momentum from their 2-0 start. This team looks average and in some places looks very old and not very athletic. They also lack confidence on defense and offense and that has been a problem since training camp. They've not been able to play anywhere near four quarters of football in any game this season and that is the most puzzling aspect of this team.

Trent Green is getting killed but the Chiefs are not doing anything to help him. They didn't use the shotgun until the last drive nor did they try and move the pocket to buy him more time. How about a no-huddle offense? For the third week in a row they showed no sense of urgency at the line of scrimmage and didn't do anything to try and change things up. The Eagles knew they wouldn't and that's why they shut them down for nearly three quarters. With that said, it appears that this vaulted offense is not as talented or age is finally catching up to it.

The Chiefs for the second consecutive week misused Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson. Holmes had the hot hand early and they should have ridden him before bringing Johnson into the game. LJ fumbled for the second time in as many games but this one was not his fault. Kearse was in the backfield at the hand-off exchange because he was untouched coming up the middle and there is no excuse for that.

Still this loss falls on the coaching staff. They failed to make the adjustments and the Eagles did. But once again this offense is turning the ball over and the defense just doesn't have enough playmakers or its not utilizing its talent.

The bye week is coming at a great time for this team but four of the Chiefs next six games are on the road. That means for the most part they have to find ways to break out of their slump by winning on the road. And that's not been something they've been able to do in recent years.

At 2-2 this Chiefs team looks a lot like the one that struggled last season to get on track and that's not what anyone envisioned at the start of the season. Granted before the season started we all agreed that a 2-2 first quarter would be a bonus for this team but somehow that seems a bitter pill to swallow now.

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