FROM THE STABLES: Where is Mr. Arrington?

The Chiefs won a game they had to win on Sunday vs the Redskins. In a game where the Chiefs could continue down the road they were on last year and the last couple of games or they could literally circle the wagon and get back on track. How did the DC press spin the game?

Pardon the interruption but what did the Washington Post's and ESPN's two favorite columnists have to say about this weekend's Chiefs/Redskins game? Find out in this week's From the Stables.

DATELINE Washington Post by Tony Kornheiser
Maybe today somebody can get a hand on Jared Allen. Because nobody touched him yesterday. Six tackles. Three sacks. Two forced fumbles. Two fumble recoveries. Jared Allen went through the Redskins' line like Tony Siragusa going through chicken in a pot -- leaving nothing but feathers and bones.

You can't win losing three fumbles, one of which was scooped up and run 80 yards for a touchdown. And you can't win committing pass interference on third and six with 3:15 to go and give Kansas City four more downs; the replay showed Ade Jimoh holding onto Marc Boerigter's jersey like Jeff Van Gundy holding onto Alonzo Mourning's shin bone. And still, the Redskins were in it down to the last drop again, just like they were a week ago in Denver. Their offense gets a little better each game -- and Santana Moss seems to get a little faster each game. For those of us who believed the Redskins had traded down when they exchanged Laveranues Coles for Moss, this has been an awakening. Moss is faster than Fred Smoot ordering Al and Alma's Sex Boat Special for 40. (By the way, did you see that Fox pregame piece on the Vikings' sex boats? The guy said there was "a good boat and a bad boat." Which boat will Mike Tice be on when Zygi Wilf sends him up Lake Minnetonka without a paddle?)

Maybe Gregg Williams might get the vibe and try playing LaVar. This is 49 points against in two weeks without Arrington getting in. That No. 56 shirt is so clean, Siragusa could use it as a napkin. How long does LaVar have to sit there like Jerry Mahoney? (Jerry Mahoney! Wow, Grampa skews older again.)

So here are the Redskins, a workingman's 3-2 in the hardest division in football, heading home for the 49ers with their 1-4 record, their appetizing 32 points a game allowed and their wobbly rookie quarterback. That's gotta smell like dinner.

From the Stables: A great read from Kornheiser, but not much mention of the Chiefs in the whole article. He did give Jared Allen some props for his amazing day, but Tony Siragusa got more mention than Allen. A funny read, but very little substance. The NFC East is the hardest division in football Tony? I would have thought the two losses to the AFC West's Chiefs and Broncos would have demonstrated what division is the strongest! The mention of the Viking party boat episode was pretty funny though.

DATELINE Washington Post by Michael Wilbon
We start with the subject Joe Gibbs doesn't want to talk about anymore, but the one that has to be addressed in the wake of Sunday's loss to the Chiefs: LaVar Arrington. What the Redskins so desperately needed, particularly in the second half Sunday, was their own Jared Allen. It doesn't make a difference that you've never heard of Allen, the 6-foot-6, 265-pound second-year defensive lineman from Idaho State; he was the star. Yes, Trent Green and Priest Holmes hooked up on a critical score, but the star of the game, indisputably, was Allen.

He sacked Mark Brunell three times, forced three fumbles (but was credited with two) and recovered two. Allen was so disruptive to the Redskins' offense, Dick Vermeil gave the kid the game ball.

And that's why we have to talk about Arrington. The Redskins needed a guy with the speed and strength to get to the quarterback and force him to cough up the ball or throw it to the wrong guy or hit the turf behind the line of scrimmage. The Redskins needed a guy, just like Jared Allen, to make Green nervous, to disrupt his timing, to bust up plays, to force the Chiefs into a bunch of Plan Bs.

This wouldn't be Topic A had the Redskins who did play been able to do this, but they couldn't. They haven't been able to do it at all this season. The defense, as good as it has been, has forced a measly two turnovers in five games -- and none in the last four. There has only been one sack-and-strip of the opposing quarterback. Gibbs spent what seemed to be five minutes of his post game news conference talking about the lack of turnovers forced by the defense.

He said he and his staff "do a lot of stuff to emphasize taking the ball away, forcing turnovers in practice." And Gibbs added that he is going to have to find "some creative way" to get the defense to intercept the ball and come up with fumble recoveries. The players might see more "strip drills" in practice this week. "Maybe," Gibbs said, "there's something I can do." Well, perhaps there is indeed. Find a few snaps for LaVar Arrington.

After the game, when asked about finding Arrington some playing time, defensive boss Gregg Williams answered by asking, "Okay, who do you want me to take out?" His point is that Renaldo Wynn, Marcus Washington, Lemar Marshall and Warrick Holdman are playing very, very well. And there's no disputing that.

From the Stables: Wilbon also gives major props to Allen, but the main theme through Wilbon's column is the absence of LaVar Arrington, which is to be expected since he is slanting everything with a Redskin perspective. It is interesting that Wilbon thinks the Redskins need a player like Allen, when just a few weeks ago Allen wasn't even in the starting lineup. Allen needs to be more consistent with his play. We need to see this Jared Allen every week, not just every few weeks. If Allen turns into a monster, then the Chiefs defense becomes that much harder to play against every Sunday. Here's to Allen playing like this every week! And props to the NFL for making him the Defensive Player of the Week, he deserved it.

Check back again in a few days as From the Stables takes a gander at the Miami newspapers to see how they are spinning the homecoming of Patrick Surtain and Sammy Knight. What will the South Beach press have to say about the Chiefs/Dolphins game and what kind of spin will they put on the game? Warpaint Illustrated's From the Stables will again be there to shine the light on them . Top Stories