First Look: Chiefs Better Bring It Sunday

After the watching the end of the San Diego Chargers/Philadelphia Eagles game, I could only think of one thing…the Kansas City Chiefs better bring it when face the Chargers in San Diego on Sunday.

For those of you who weren't paying attention, the Chargers lost to the Eagles in maybe the most brutal fashion possible. After being smacked around by the Eagles' defense for the better part of three quarters, the Chargers finally rallied and were prepared to kick a field goal that would have extended their lead to seven points with less than two and a half minutes to go in the game. But Quintin Mikell of the Eagles blocked Nate Kaeding's attempt, and Matt Ware scooped up the loose ball and dashed 65 yards for a touchdown.

That's a hell of a way to lose a football game. The Eagles' defense thoroughly whipped the Chargers. They held Ladanian Tomlinson, possibly THE best player in the NFL, to a meager seven yards rushing, the lowest total of his career. The Chargers now limp back to Qualcomm to lick their wounds and await the Chiefs, who have now been tasked with the League's equivalent to poking a wounded tiger with a sharp stick.

The Chiefs are in a great position. They're a half-game back of the Denver Broncos, and have winnable games coming up, facing the Oakland Raiders at home, and then they go on the road against the Houston Texans and the Buffalo Bills. If the Chiefs can get a win in San Diego, they can probably make a run at winning the division. The Broncos gave the Chiefs a gift last Sunday, allowing the New York Giants to steal a game the Broncos dominated for 58 minutes.

That's a big if.

The Chargers are a good team. They're much, much better than their 3-4 record indicates. Now they're angry. They've lost four games by a total of 12 points, and by the end of the month the schedule-makers will have given them five straight opponents that have had extra time to prepare for them. If the Chiefs think they had a hard time going to Miami, wait until they get to Qualcomm.

As much as the Chiefs would like to win this game, the Chargers NEED to win it as they run the risk of ruining their season. Losing this game would almost kill the Chargers' season. After winning the AFC West last year, the Chargers are expecting even bigger things out of this season, and can't afford to lose even more ground the Chiefs and the division leading Broncos.

This is the sort of game the Chiefs have to win if they want to be considered serious contenders for the division crown. It's going to take an all out effort from all three phases: offense, defense and special teams, to put these Chargers away.

As good as we think the Chiefs are right now, they must be better. No mental mistakes. No missed opportunities. As much as the Chargers need this game, the Chiefs must convince themselves that they need it more. If the Chiefs aren't 100% focused, the desperate Chargers will beat them. If Kansas City expects to be champions, they must win this game. Top Stories