Open Letter: From A Chiefs Fan to Our QB

This has been a difficult time for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Trent Green. He's gone through a plethora of emotions the last two weeks. For many Chiefs fans, they have an unwavering respect for one of the true great guys of the NFL. This fans take is no different.

Dear Mr. Green,

Not since the great Len Dawson has a quarterback done as much for this organization. Kansas City has been privileged to have you at the helm of one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL. Every Sunday, there are questions about matchups and which players will step up or fall down, but one thing that Chiefs fans take for granted is that we will have a true professional behind the center.

Times started out rough for you here in Kansas City. There were questions about the status of your knee, about whether you could return to the form you showed in St. Louis, and about whether you were the right man for the team.

The quarterback controversy was becoming a tradition in Chiefs-Land, ever since Montana hung up his cleats. In two seasons, all of the questions were answered—you are our guy. The knee looks like it was never hurt, you have outdone your achievements in St. Louis, and I don't think Elway in his prime could pry the starting job from you. As a lifelong fan, it is a very good feeling to know that we have a true leader and champion holding the reigns to our beloved Kansas City Chiefs.

You have taken this team through some glorious victories, and through some heart-wrenching losses. You have sweated through numerous training camps, taken some bone-jarring hits, and made some miraculous plays. You've been cheered on by 80,000 pumped-up fans in Arrowhead, and been booed by thousands of psychos from the black hole. You have signed footballs for wide-eyed kindergarten Chief fans, and endured the jeers from the fans of opposing teams. And we fans have been with you through every snap of every game.

Your work on the field is not the only thing that we appreciate. The Trent Green Family Foundation has touched the lives of so many children, and your humble and good-hearted attitude has provided many more with a positive role model that today's society needs so badly. You have conducted golf tournaments benefiting many good causes, helped start a Ronald McDonald house, cheered up families of our nation's soldiers, and performed countless other acts that have made the world a better place.

As a public figure, you have shown class and style. Most people can only imagine the pressure of living every minute under the scrutiny of the public eye, but you have always been a consummate professional and levelheaded leader, even under the worst circumstances. You and your family have experienced a tragic loss, and the deepest sympathies and our most heartfelt good wishes are with you all.

I think I speak for all of the Chiefs Warpaint Nation when I extend a sincere "Thank You."

You are a hero to thousands, and no matter what happens in the future, your place is guaranteed in both the hearts of thousands of fans and in the annals of football legend. Again, Trent, thank you for all you have done for the Chiefs, for the fans and for the people of the Kansas City area. Top Stories