BREAKING NEWS: Holmes Placed on IR

According to a report at Priest Holmes will miss the entire 2005 season due to the injuries suffered in the San Diego Chargers game. The NFL Network has indicated that Holmes was placed on injured reserve.

Warpaint Illustrated has confirmed the report by both media outlets. Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Dick Vermeil is expected to talk about the situation at 4:00 pm central time and make it official.

Holmes was in Miami on Tuesday getting a third opinion on his neck. Reports have circulated that Holmes has a knot on the back of his neck the size of a golf ball.

Holmes hurt his shoulder in week two against the Oakland Raiders and was knocked unconscious two weeks ago in San Diego. That hit may have been a contributing factor to his spinal condition.

As we first reported yesterday afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs began searching for a replacement for Holmes on Tuesday when it became clear his status for the 2005 season was in jeopardy.

Warpaint Illustrated has learned the Chiefs will be working out Dee Brown and Quentin Griffin within the next 24 hours.

Brown spent the summer with the Chiefs but released in training camp. Griffin worked out with the Chiefs in September after Holmes went down in Oakland.

Another possible replacements for Holmes could be former Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots running back Amos Zeroue.

Additional names on the Chiefs list include:
Kenny Watson (Cincinnati)
Jesse Chatman (Saints released him last week)
Troy Hambrick (Cardinals)
Jamel White (Lions)
Brandon Bennett (Panthers)
Eddie George (Cowboys)
Dorsey Levens (Eagles)
Garrison Hearst (Broncos)
Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala (Jaguars)

Stay tuned to Warpaint for more information about Priest Holmes and the names of possible running back additions to the roster. Top Stories