From the Other Side: Stay Positive KC Fans

Yes, there are a lot of negative points that could be made about the play in Buffalo, but that game is over and it is time to look ahead to next week and the rest of the season.

Cornerback Eric Warfield did give up the two scores, but the offensive execution by Losman and Evans was perfect on both of those plays and I doubt there is a corner in the league that would claim they could have stopped that second one. If the safety would have been in position, maybe it would have been different, but that is something that can be worked on in practice. Other than that, though, our secondary was very good.

The rest of the defense was pretty solid, too. Siavii stepped in and did very well, Jared Allen was on fire, and so was Kendrell Bell. We forced turnovers, and knocked their starting QB (and almost their RB) out of the game.

The offensive line was horrible. Roaf's absence hurt us big time, but that is no excuse--before the season started we weren't even sure he'd be around. However, it wasn't all bad on offense. We did fine until we hit the red zone; Gonzo was used well, and LJ lit up the D.

Maybe the problem with the play calling was that the coaches aren't used to LJ yet. He broke big plays, but apparently got winded and asked for breathers at critical moments. They need to get used to his style and limitations--he is a great back, but he is NOT Holmes. DV said they weren't changing the run game, and that was obviously a mistake. Not to say that he is better or worse, but he is different.

The Bills may not have outplayed us, but they won. It was said over and over last week to Raiders Fans that it doesn't matter how it comes, a win is a win. Well, the Bills took one from us. Suck it up, it's over. The coaches and players know they screwed up, but it will be a much bigger mistake if they can't find a way to compensate for the rest of the season.

Next week, we face a scary situation. Yes, the Houston Texans have only won one game this year. Yes, we are the better team. But, and this is a big but, they are professional athletes and they are very hungry for a win. We are coming of a loss to another team we are better than. Remember the loss to a struggling Bengals team a couple years ago? The one that ended our perfect season?

So if the entire organization can't put this loss, no matter how bad it hurt, behind them and focus on next week, we may be in trouble. The season is not over; we still play the two teams ahead of us at Arrowhead, and neither of their schedules is much easier than ours. We still have a winning record.

No good will come from all the negativity and anger that is focused on the Chiefs right now. We shouldn't be laying blame on specific coaches or players; it is a team. And if the team loses, everyone loses no matter how well (or poorly) the individuals played. That may be just the thing this team needs to figure out to get back on track. Top Stories