Fantasy Futures: Broncos vs. Chiefs

It is officially must-win time in Kansas City. The visiting Broncos are dominating the AFC West and look like a sure-fire contender. Perhaps you're in a similar situation fantasy-wise. For many, fantasy football playoffs begin next week and this is the last game of the regular season. Hopefully the match-ups are looking good for you as this game could be a key towards your fantasy squad's success.

Expect a big emphasis on the run game this weekend as both teams look to keep the ball out of the others offensive control. But keep an eye on the deep ball, as both Eddie Kennison and Rod Smith both put up big numbers in this game.

As classic as this game usually is the Chiefs hold a commanding edge over Denver in December winning 12 of the last 13 at Arrowhead. Expect a better game than the 30-10 whooping' Denver put on Kansas City in week three earlier this season.

Let's take a closer look to the match-ups.

Trent Green — Trent knows how important this game is to the Chiefs. Expect him to make some plays downfield as the Chiefs had 5 pass plays of 20+ yards last weekend against the Patriots. Thank the return of Willie Roaf for the improved pass protection. Watch Trent outperform Jake this weekend and start him if you got him. Expect 250 yards and at least one score.

Jake Plummer — Jake loves the bootleg, and I'm sure we'll see a handful of them this weekend. But the Bronco's plan will focus on a steady diet of Mike Anderson and either Ron Dayne or Tatum Bell. The Chiefs will try to jump on the Broncos early and take away the run game, but it will be a close game all day. Expect 200 yards and a possible score, but don't hold your breath for a game breaking day.

Larry Johnson — Is there a harder runner in the NFL? I don't know of one. He is among the top backs in the league and a fantasy no-brainer. If you have him, congrats; LJ is capable of 200 yards and 2 touchdowns every game. Sunday he should break the century mark with a score.

Mike Anderson — Start him. He loves to play against the Chiefs and his statistics show it. Anderson seems to find ways to hit the cut back for a score at least once a game against Kansas City and this week will not be any different. This game isn't going to be a 6-3 final, so start Anderson. Bench Tatum Bell as he is coming off an injury and won't see more than ten carries if he even has one. Thanksgiving Day hero, Ron Dayne, will likely get a few carries as well, but Anderson is the clear focus of the running game.

Eddie Kennison — Kennison always plays well against his former team. In the last four meetings, Kennison averages over 100 yards receiving. This weekend should be no different. Kennison is the deep threat that Trent will find streaking down the sideline at least once as he is good for 125 yards and a score.

Rod Smith — Smith generally puts up solid numbers against Kansas City and should see continued success this weekend. However, the Kansas City secondary is playing with confidence and the return of Warfield has improved this unit tremendously. Expect less than 85 yards receiving and a score.

Tony Gonzalez — The second half of the season is here, and Gonzalez is starting to put up numbers like we'd expect. This weekend should be the same. AFC defensive player of the month, Champ Bailey, is likely to cover Gonzalez most of the day, but Tony should break free for at least 65 yards and a score.

Jeb Putzier — Putzier is simply not that good, but he'll have a few catches. He could sneak a touchdown reception on a bootleg from within the 10 yard line. Don't count on him at the position though, and look elsewhere.

Lawrence Tynes — This is a good start for Tynes. He had a big week last week connecting on four field goals. He'll be busy this week as well.

Jason Elam — He's an every week starter and should see plenty of action this weekend.

Kansas City — Expect pressure on Plummer this Sunday. Kansas City looked great against the Pats last weekend and should ride the momentum against Denver. Pressure is the key as Gunther will try and force Plummer to throw the ball. It's likely you have a better match-up, but in a crunch you can play this unit. Just don't expect a lot of turnovers as the Broncos are pretty conservative.

Denver — This unit is playing well, they're just not creating a lot of defensive fantasy points. If you're in a crunch, then they're an ok start.