Fan or Fanatic?

As I sat in my favorite chair this past Sunday to watch the Chiefs take on the Patriots, I though of all the things that could possibly go wrong for the home team. It was at that moment I question whether I was a true fan for wondering if the Chiefs had it in them to win this game.

I mean there are folks all around who still say they have a legitimate chance at the Super Bowl (I'm not in that group) and I constantly hear boos and hisses when I mention anything except absolute praise for the Chiefs.

I'm of the thought that the only success in a season is to win it all, I will give some credit for making it there but beyond those two it was a waste of effort and whatever skill your team possessed during the season.

Looking back at the Chiefs 30 plus year drought you have think of all the great players we had, although some were in the twilight of their careers they were still able to get on the field week after week to make a run at the Lombardi trophy. So now the question is brewing and I have to express my opinion on the difference between a fan and a fanatic.

First let's go with the fanatic because the fan will almost be a polar opposite. Fanatics are those who have dedicated there lives to believing the Chiefs have done no wrong even when they are up by 17 points and lose to a team with a beat up quarterback and no running game, or travel to Buffalo and only come with three points with the quote-unquote the best offensive line in football and one of the games newest running back sensations. Instead of saying the team let us down the fanatic says they gave the game away, the other team was lucky, or my personal favorite you didn't expect them to go 16-0 did you??

Well, yes I did.

Fanatics also are masters of trying to find some good in every loss, Tony had this many catches, Priest had that many yards, and so forth. The fanatic has forgotten this is a professional sport where the goal is to win it all nothing less, they also cling to the fact the Chiefs where the only team that went to the playoffs all those years in a row in the 90's they hold onto whatever sliver of hope they can grasp even when it's crystal clear we have to break out or favorite saying. Just wait till next year!

Now the fan which what I call myself and a few others even if you aren't a season ticket holder (per King Carl) roots for his team and excepts the loss for what it is a lost, we didn't give anything away if that was the case why even play the game. Fans look at the chances we had to make it the big dance and didn't get there, we don't blame Lin Elliott for missing a kick (let alone three of them), he didn't play defense so he couldn't stop the points that were scored on us.

A fan looks at the Chiefs of 90's with all the playoff chances and say we were NOT the most consistent team then we were the most underachieving we had all those chances and couldn't get it done and didn't. Not Marcus Allen, Derrick Thomas, Joe Montana or any number of superstars where able to get us there and now in the midst of another season without our trip to the dance a fan says enough is enough!

Da Offend' Sive Coordinator aka Darryl Woods, Sr. is a new weekly contributor to Warpaint Illustrated. You can hear Darryl's opinions every Monday Night on the Eddie Kennison radio Show on Hot 103 Jamz and read his opinion column each week at Warpaint Illustrated. Top Stories