Fantasy Futures: KC vs. Dallas

This week the Chiefs travel to Dallas in a must win game for both squads. The Cowboys area true reflection of Head Coach Bill Parcells in that they are a defensive minded unit with a serious dedication to ball control via the running game. Expect a physical battle this weekend on the gridiron as both teams need this victory.

As for you, Rotoheads, aka fantasy geeks, this is likely the first week of your fantasy league playoffs. And with the playoffs come must win situations for your squad. Well if you have either starting tailback in this match-up, get'em in the game, as both squads will lean heavily on their workhorse tailback. But don't rely on many others as the Cowboys are fantasy player killers. By that I mean, they focus on killing the clock and shortening the game. And with Larry Johnson pounding the rock for the Chiefs, this game should go pretty quick.

Let's look a bit closer at the individual match-ups.

Trent Green — He's been decent the past few weeks, and in a pinch he's worth a look here. But don't expect his contribution to win your game for you this week. I'd expect a below average fantasy day for Trent, even with Roaf guarding his blindside. This is one aggressive Dallas front with a very good secondary. Allowing around 180 yards passing per game is about what to expect from Trent on Sunday. Anything over 175 yards is a bonus. Expect a low scoring game but he could sneak one score, but most scoring will be done by LJ.

Drew Bledsoe — Bledsoe started on fire this year, but has come back has cooled the past few games. He is missing reads and looks disheveled at times. I can't see Bledsoe accomplishing great numbers this weekend and fully expect Surtain or Wesley to pick at least one ball Bledsoe puts in the air. The Chiefs defense is gelling, and the Dallas offensive line is not a great pass blocking unit. Expect Bledsoe to take some hits this weekend while throwing for only 140 yards and a touchdown.

Larry Johnson — He is a beast. Start him every game, and let the discussions begin as whom to select number one overall next year in your fantasy draft. LJ or LT. An argument could be made for both. But in regards to the Dallas match-up, I like LJ even though the Dallas defense generally fares well against top notch backs. However, LJ is running with a determination yet matched this season. He leads the league in yards since November 1st. Expect more of the same as he will surpass 130 yards and rush for two scores.

Julius Jones — Jones has struggled with injuries thus far, but is finally as healthy as he's been all season. He is tough, hard-nosed athlete with vision. Coach Parcells will attempt to feed him the ball around 25 times on Sunday, so starting Jones as your number two this week is a solid start. I like Jones to eclipse a hundred yards, but he could lose a touchdown to back-up Marion Barber. Start Jones and hope he remains in the game on goal-line packages.

Eddie Kennison — Kennison is an enigma at times, but is Trent's downfield threat. With such an emphasis on the running game, I think Dallas will play safety Roy Williams close to the line of scrimmage, providing plenty of one-on-one coverage downfield. I like Kennison to get loose at least once for a long gain. Expect 80 yards.

Terry Glenn/Keyshawn Johnson — They are a formidable duo. Keyshawn is the possession guy, with Glenn stretching the defense. Both are likely to rack up some yards, but I can't see either having break out days. Johnson has a discernable size advantage, but his speed has diminished. Glenn has had a fantastic season thus far and is the better start. Start Glenn as a number two and expect 75 yards with a possible score. I think Johnson gains no more than 55 yards.
EDGE: TERRY GLENN, but barely

Tony Gonzalez — He will need to produce this week for the Chiefs to win. He averages roughly 60 yards on the road, and I think this week will be much of the same. If you play in a points per reception league start him and expect Tony to catch about six balls for 55 yards.

Jason Witten — Bledsoe missed an open Witten at least three times last week against the Giants. I guarantee coach Parcells pointed that out to Bledsoe. Expect Witten to be targeted about 10 times on Sunday, as the Cowboys will play from behind most of the day. Start him and expect 80 yards and a possible score. It'll be him or Glenn.


Lawrence Tynes — Another good start for Tynes as the weather will be good, and the Dallas defense will cause the offense to stall a couple of times

Billy Cundiff — He's so off and on, it's hard to recommend him any week. Look elsewhere if he's on your roster.

Kansas City — With the injury to Dallas tackle Flozell Adams, the Chiefs should get plenty of penetration. Coupled with Bledsoe's to fumble the football, I think this unit has a decent day. Regardless of their low overall league ranking, 27th overall, this is an aggressive unit that can produce turnovers.

Dallas — They're a highly ranked unit, but fantasy wise they're not setting the world on fire. This is not a good week to start this unit, as the Chiefs are playing their best ball, both offensively and defensively.