Are We Still Shopping?

I was sitting in my favorite sports chair trying to think where the Chiefs actually lost the game to the Cowboys when there was a commercial on TV reminding me of how many shopping days till Christmas were left. I knew I was all set with the gifts I'd planned to pass out so I was done shopping.

It was at that moment I questioned if the Chiefs were done shopping. Now I'm not referring to more free agents moves or expensive presents for their loved ones, but with the chances they have this year.

We've all seen the news reports of all the shoppers waiting to get into the stores on the day after thanksgiving and the mad rush to get the best gifts first. And we all know of those who just keep getting a little here and there right up until Christmas, they are still shopping and usually find some things they really wanted to get their loved ones as Christmas draws near. But if they had rushed out and bought everything on one day the possibility of not getting what you really wanted looms heavy.

Well I think the chiefs are done shopping they have done all they can, and are now just waiting for the end of the season like those of us who have finished our shopping and are just waiting for Christmas day to come and go so we can start preparing to pay down the credit card debt we ran up. Now the fanatic would say it isn't over till the fat lady sings, or the last bell rings or till it's over or some other cliché fashioned by someone who wanted to find something inspiring to say after a lost. I watched today's game closer than I have watched any game in recent memory I even text a good friend and said I may have to eat my words about the Chiefs making the playoffs.

But the same confusion and lack of REAL leadership raised it's head on the Chiefs sideline like it has for the last 33 years. The 3rd down play where they put Dee Brown in like he was a running threat, the yelling from Trent Green when his receiver didn't look for a pass that was clearly thrown prior to him being ready and the most glaring incident was after the Cowboys scored the game winning touchdown Gunther was seen mouthing (and I' no professional lip reader) to another coach "What the heck (yes I changed a few letters in the alphabet) are you doing??" Hello Gunther, you're the defensive coordinator patrolling the sidelines in your shooting glasses like you're on a hunting expedition.

Oh don't get me wrong there were so many things the Chiefs did bad we should have been surprised if they had won the game. I could fill up an entire Christmas list with the things they did wrong. And for those that say I should be happy with just being entertained, there's a new movie out called the Chronicles of Narnia, if I want to be entertained I'll go see it. I want my team to do what they set out to do for just once, make it the big dance.

As the cameras repeatedly showed images of Lamar Hunt sitting in his press box, I couldn't help but think again about how the trophy with his name on it would be handed to another team again and we would start the same old thoughts of just wait until next year.

Hopefully next year the Chiefs will keeping shopping right up until Christmas and provide the loyal fans of KC a proper Christmas gift!

Until next time Da' Offend' Sive coordinator. Top Stories