'Twas the Week before Christmas

With the 2005 season in peril, its time right or wrong to pass along a little Holiday Reality for the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans.

'Twas the week before Christmas and the Chiefs were 8-6
Now for some this was not a problem but those are the fanatics.

Their super bowl plans were again stomped out,
And they have the nerve and audacity to talk about a move out. Now I am sick and tired of this and I want it to end.
However, I saw it coming from training camp in Wisconsin.

Players getting arrested, having confrontations with cops.
If this had transferred to the defense, we would have a lot more stops!

Now it was not only the players, they had a coach go to jail,
Maybe we should vote for the dome, to keep in the smell!

And we added those new players, Knight, Surtain and oh yeah Bell
I cannot wait for that press conference to hear Carl's latest tale.

We have given them one more year and another last chance.
Let's make this like a party someone yell LAST DANCE!

After 36 years with no ticker tape parade
I guess we should just start cheering for the KC Brigade!

Therefore, I am going to help the organization
Because they must not know
Here is a list of folks that just must go!

Now McCleon, Black, Hicks, Barber, Sims, Woods, and Bell
You should call up JD Reece and get those cribs up for sale!

Old Dicky V you keep trying and trying
Even the female fans are sick of the crying!

And Gunther my man I have not forgot about you
We have had enough of all out blitz part 2

Yo Al Saunders with all the motions and shifts
Pack your bags too and make it swift!

With all this done he'll be left all alone
And just maybe just maybe King Carl will vacate the thrown!

Well that is all I have to say And ya'll know I'm right
I wish you all safe and Merry Christmas And to all a goodnight!

Da Offend' Sive Coodinator

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