Chiefs Coaching Search Continues

You can say one thing 24 hours into the search for a new head coach in Kansas City, there are plenty of candidates who want this job. With so many NFL jobs open, the Chiefs are quickly learning that many potential candidates would like to succeed Dick Vermeil.

Today Dick Vermeil will officially retire as Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. When the news broke on Saturday night that Vermeil was calling it a career, the wheels went into motion and the search for his heir apparent began with a flurry.

With so many rumors and so much conjecture, Warpaint Illustrated tries to unravel rumor from fact or vice versa.

Herman Edwards - According to the Associated Press's Andrea Adelson, she reported that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to seek permission from the New York Jets to speak to Edwards about their coaching vacancy.

Now the question remains why the Chiefs would contact the Jets if they didn't believe permission would be granted in the first place. The crux of this deal is very simple. Despite what you hear Herman Edwards wants out of New York. He's underpaid and works for an owner Woody Johnson who refuses to spend money to make this team better. The Jets are in a rebuilding mode and it could take years before they can compete for a division title.

Edwards is the Chiefs number one target and has been for months. A report from Newsday claims the Chiefs offered to absorb the remainder of Edwards contract and would be willing to give the Jets some draft choices so he could become the Chiefs next head coach but for that deal to get done, the NFL would have to sign off on such a deal.

Edwards agent, Gary O'Hagan, was contacted by the New York rag and issued a terse no comment. That leaves the impression that Edwards agent is trying to get his client a better deal or a better coaching gig in another NFL city.

The next move in this game of chess could come on Thursday when Edwards and Jets General Manager Terry Bradway are scheduled to meet with the media. The question remains if Edwards or owner Woody Johnson will attend the meeting with Bradway.

Despite what has been written or said the Chiefs would be willing to trade draft picks if it meant getting their man as the next head coach.

Bob Stoops - Reports circulated on Monday that Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops was in town on Sunday visiting the Chiefs as a guest of Carl Peterson in his private box. We spoke with two individuals close to Coach Stoops last night and both told Warpaint Illustrated that Stoops was in Norman both Sunday and Monday.

Last night a report by ABC Affiliate Channel 6 in Tulsa claimed that Stoops would become the next Chiefs Head Coach as early as Tuesday but that was denied later in the evening by Oklahoma Athletic Director Joe Castiglione on KSHB TV 41 in Kansas City.

It appears that all the reports were false and that Stoops to this point has not interviewed for the Chiefs job. However, that does not mean it won't happen in the future. But is he really a candidate? According to people close to Bob Stoops, they differ in their opinions. One person Warpaint Illustrated spoke to on Monday night indicated that he'd want complete control over the coaching staff and personnel, while another said he wouldn't care as long as the money was right.

Stoops has a loyal mentor in current South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier and everyone knows he was an absolute bust as an NFL head coach. Granted his failures were in large part due to Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. Still one would assume that he's told Stoops that making the jump to the NFL might be a mistake. But in Kansas City Stoops would be coaching for the Hunt family. That means his chances to succeed at this level would be far greater than those of his mentor.

Butch Davis - The former Cleveland Browns Head Coach was in Kansas City on Monday afternoon and evening to discuss the Chiefs vacant coaching position. Though some think he's a dark-horse candidate, he has tremendous qualifications especially when you consider what he did as defensive coordinator in Dallas and as Head Coach at the University of Miami.

His failures in Cleveland can be contributed to the fact he was not working with a competent General Manager or a solid ownership group. Even further the last two years of his tenure in Cleveland, Davis had far more control over player personnel and that ultimately cost him his job. Davis understands defense and Chiefs fans don't need to look any further than Denver to see how smart he was in drafting and signing three quarters of the Broncos front four who all defected to that team this past off season.

But defense was not a problem in Cleveland instead it was the offense that suffered. In Kansas City he won't have that problem as this team has one of the leagues most prolific units led by All Pro and playmakers. There is enough defensive talent that with better coaching should become one of the better units in the NFL. Davis might end up getting this job if Edwards is unavailable. He'd be a solid choice and one that could benefit the Chiefs in the long run.

Greg Williams - The current Washington Redskins defensive coordinator is rumored to be another candidate for the Chiefs. But it appears his interest in the Chiefs job is waning. Though he has ties to the area, his family is very settled in the D.C. area and it's likely he'll succeed Joe Gibbs whenever he steps down. He's already the highest paid assistant coach in the NFL and Daniel Snyder might just pay head coaching money to keep him around until Joe Gibbs retires.

The Chiefs reportedly have asked for permission to talk to Williams and the Redskins have granted Kansas City permission but with Washington in the playoffs it might be too late and far too risky for the Chiefs to wait that long to interview the former Buffalo Bills Head Coach. I'd say Williams is at best a long shot despite reports indicating otherwise.

Other Names:

Kirk Ferentz - The Current Iowa Hawkeyes Head Coach is getting a lot of interest from NFL teams including the Chiefs. He could visit the Chiefs as early as Thursday. But word in NFL circles is that Ferentz might be the front-runner for the vacated Green Bay Packers job.

Gary Kubiak - After turning down one NFL job after another, it appears the Broncos offensive coordinator is ready to stand on his own two feet. Kubiak has never wanted to leave the shadow of his mentor Denver Head Coach Mike Shanahan until now. However, he might not be available until February and the Chiefs have to put a coach in place before then. He's also on the short list for the Houston job.

Karl Dorrell - The current UCLA Head Coach could be the minority candidate that gets interviewed by the Chiefs. However, he's quickly gaining notice among NFL General Managers and it's only a matter of time before he gets a head coaching job in the big show. If Marty Schottenheimer is let go in San Diego, Dorrell could be the Chargers top target.

Cam Cameron - The San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator has been a hot commodity in NFL circles. The Chiefs have reqeusted permission to talk to him but have yet to schedule an interview. That might take place before Friday.

Al Saunders - The Chiefs current offensive coordinator interviewed for the job earlier on Monday but is off to Minnesota for an interview on Tuesday with the Vikings, then Houston on Wednesday to talk with the Texans before jetting off to Detroit to interview for the second time with the Detroit Lions. Saunders chances of becoming the next head coach in Kansas City appear to be slim at best. Most believe he'll wind up in Detroit. Top Stories