The Fans Takes on Herman Edwards

With all the banter back and forth between those at Warpaint Illustrated and Jets Confidential, we thought it would be great to get takes from both sites on Herman Edwards. On Monday it should become official as the Kansas City Chiefs are expected to name the former New York Jets top gun as the organizations 10th head coach. Hear what fans from Kansas City and New York have to say about the move.

Personally this has been a maddening ten days for everyone at Warpaint Illustrated. I told someone last night, who asked me for the 100th time, when Edwards would be announced as the teams next head coach. So for the record, it likely will happen on Monday from what we hearing. But I told this person who asked me at a local eating establishment, that I didn't want to hear the name Herman Edwards anymore at least not for an hour or so.

In fact the Herman Edwards story had so much drama it reminded me of the Chiefs and Dolphins trade talks last spring. For nearly two months they argued, used the media and dug in their heels before making a deal that sent Patrick Surtain to Kansas City. Like then everyone knew the deal would get done as many believed would happen with Herman Edwards and the New York Jets.

As Warpaint Illustrated told you three months ago our sources identified that Herman Edwards was the front runner for the Chiefs expected head coaching vacancy back in October. We stood our ground and trusted our sources and never backed off our position that this was the Chiefs guy. On Monday, he'll be facing the Kansas City media for the first time.

As for the move itself, I'm fully supportive of the decision made by the Hunt family and Chiefs President Carl Peterson. In fact, Peterson schooled his protégée Terry Bradway from the Jets, took him out to the woodshed and remnided him that Peterson is the ‘King' of the Chiefs.

In the end it was Peterson who made this deal happen because he held all the cards as the Jets exposed themselves early on in this cat and mouse game. The fact Peterson gave the Jets only a fourth round draft pick was priceless and showed his compassionate side for Bradway. But enough of what I think, here's what the fans from Warpaint Illustrated and Jets Confidential think about the Chiefs new head coach.

Warpaint Illustrated:

"The hiring of Herm makes me extremely excited because he reminds me so much of the way Tony Dungy was ousted in Tampa Bay. I think Herm can do wonders with the speed our defense has at linebackers with the cover two he runs." - Nick J.

"It's hard to get too excited about Herm Edwards right now because part of what will determine how successful he will be in KC will be the staff that he has around him. If we are able to keep/attain an offensive coordinator that will maintain our offensive output and if we can improve the defense then the hiring of Herm will look very good. I have reservations about Herms perceived conservative style but I can't argue with this stat; playoffs in three out of five years." - V. E.

"You want my opinion Chiefs fans, this coach was a steal. Look back at coaches and the compensations they were bought for, and you'd see that Herm Edwards was bought with 50% off sticker plastered on his price tag. At full price the man should be somewhere among the top 10 in the league. Herm was held back and overlooked due to the restraints and setbacks that riddled the Jets and that organization, but luckily King Carl saw through the mirage and offered Herm his hand and rescued him from the Jet's wreckage and will soon be letting him lead the tribe. Welcome to Kansas City Herm Edwards, you ARE the new Chief of the Chiefs!!" Chris E.

Jets Confidential:

"I think Herm is a great leader and a great motivator. He gets his players to give 110% and is well-liked by his players and staff. However, unless he can master the art of clock management, then he will always fall up short on game day. At times he looks absolutely clueless on the sideline, and I have seen him ask his coordinators whether or not he should take a penalty. I think he has a bright future in the NFL, and if he can master clock management, he will be a great NFL coach." - Thiele24

"Herm will be a good coach for Kansas City IF the team is ready to make a move and go deep into the playoffs. He might be able to get the team up and ride that momentum all the way to the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl. However in my heart; I believe he lacks the ability to actually win those games. He will be tactically out- coached by 90% of the coaches in this league on game day. If Chief fans feel his other skills (can) overcome this fact, then be confident you got a good deal. Just don't be surprised if 3-4 years down the road you find your mindset about Herm very similar to those held by many Jet fans on this board." - BroadwayJoe2

"He's walking into a real good situation for him. You (the Chiefs) have a solid playoff ready team with a great running game and a defense that needs some improvement. I have little doubt that Herm will have you in the playoffs next year. As some have mentioned, he is very conservative and plays not to lose the game. I firmly believe that the key to winning it all with Herm would be having an Offensive Coordinator who is more on the aggressive side and will have the coaches' ear. For an example what will happen in a big spot with a conservative (OC). Look no further than the last five minutes of regulation in the Jets vs. Pittsburgh playoff game last year." gd0871

As you can tell by our passionate responses from both sides, opinions very somewhat depending on which takes resemble your own thoughts about Herman Edwards. But in the end, nobody has any idea as to what kind of Head Coach he'll be in Kansas City.

All we know is that Herman Edwards has been given a second chance in the NFL just as his friend Tony Dungy did several years ago when he was hired by the Indianapolis Colts after being run out of town in Tampa Bay as head coach.

Like Edwards is now, Dungy had his share of criticism as well but that didn't stop the Colts from making him their next Head Coach. Nor did it stop the Chiefs from hiring the only man they wanted to replace Dick Vermeil.

But will Edwards do the same for the Chiefs organization as Dungy did with the Colts? Chiefs fans sure hope so. If he does, then the fans of Kansas City will be dancing in the streets sometime over the next four seasons. If not, then the New York Jets fans will have warned us well in advance.

Regardless of the outcome, the Herman Edwards era in Kansas City will begin for real on Monday. Top Stories