Welcome Herm

As Carl Peterson said it so profoundly on Monday afternoon, the worst kept secret in the National Football League is no longer a secret. In front of a packed house, the Chiefs President introduced the teams 10th head coach.

In case you somehow missed it, former New York Jets coach Herm Edwards was named the new head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Love him or hate him, you have to give it to Chiefs president Carl Peterson. This was probably the best possible hire for this Chiefs team. Edwards brings a tough love philosophy to Kansas City.

He's intense and motivated, but also brings a love for the game and his players that's rivaled only by the Chiefs' last head coach Dick Vermeil. Edwards also keeps an ass kicking in his back pocket.

Despite not qualifying for the playoffs, the 2005 Chiefs team was definitely qualified. The Chiefs have an offense that chews up yards like Pac-Man with the munchies, and a talented defense that only needs a hug and a smack upside the head. I'd have picked the Chiefs against all but two of the AFC teams currently in the playoffs. Somehow, the Chiefs were unable to get it done, and with a loaded roster the Chiefs ended up standing against the wall at the NFL's annual party.

The Chiefs have one the top quarterbacks in the NFL in Trent Green, a leader whose abilities are only exceeded by his huge heart, a running back in Larry Johnson who does the best Jim Brown impression, since, well, Jim Brown, and the best third down back in the NFL in Priest Holmes. As if that isn't enough, the Chiefs have the NFL's best offensive line, and the greatest tight end ever to pick up a football.

Defensively, the Chiefs have talent at every position, and need a coach who will challenge and inspire that unit. The defensive line, led by the supremely gifted tackle Ryan Sims, has been running in place developmentally for two years. The linebackers are fast and hard hitters, but need direction. If Edwards can get those units playing to their full potential, combined with the veteran secondary, the Chiefs will be mover in the league.

The Chiefs need consistency. 2005 was an up and down season, starting with a walloping of Edwards' Jets. The Chiefs dropped key games at bad times, and were 1-3 in must win games last season. They need Edwards' leadership, they need his discipline, and they need it now.

This is the right time for Edwards to come aboard as the Chiefs head coach. When Dick Vermeil took over the Chiefs head coaching job, it was a franchise in disarray.

But Vermeil restored order to the team, and built one its best rosters in Kansas City Chiefs' history. Not only are they talented, but the roster is filled with character guys-hard workers with a blue collar approach to the game. Edwards is the icing on the cake; he'll squeeze every drop of potential out of this roster. If not they'll play elsewhere.

For those who buy into his philosophy and system, the sky's the limit.

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