Mr. Right?

Choosing a head coach is a lot like choosing a man. At any given time, in any given arena, you're faced with a list of real choices. How you pick is usually dependant on where you are in life and where you want to go. The goal is to find a Mr. Right, or settle for a Mr. Right Now.

I asked a male, "What do you want in a head coach?" To which he replied, "A winner."

Personally, I like a charismatic coach. I like a few nonsensical ramblings tossed in with the meat and potatoes of blame and glory. What can be better than Herman Edwards' introductory press conference story about a Baptist Church and 7-11s? The blame will come as he starts shaking up our beloved Chiefs. The glory will come next year. I hope for a winner, too.

We must have heard his professional history a million times by now. Certainly it seemed every person that steps up to the podium has to regale us once again. So here it is short and sweet. He went from playing for Vermeil to succeeding Vermeil in 20 years. With some stops in between as a college coach, a scout, an assistant coach, and his stint with the Jets, the members of the Chiefs organization somehow only being two or three degrees of separation from him at all times.

All I can really ask from Coach Herman Edwards right now is just enough emotion to make me not pine for Vermeil. I want just enough confidence to melt my fears of change. I'd like to see the passion evident in a dedicated man. Enough casual arrogance to make me believe that he has the stones to do what is necessary. And I wouldn't mind an 8x10 of a shirtless Boomer Grigsby.

There is time enough for him to pull out a map and show me the path to the Promised- Land. I will be amongst those clamoring for a detailed analysis of why the Chiefs haven't gotten it done, and what he's going to do to fix it. I'll give him his honeymoon phase to settle in and get the players to buy into his philosophy. Then I want to hear blame and justifications. I want fire and brimstone.

The man took the Jets to the Playoffs almost every year he was their Head Coach, except for this year. And I'll happily shift the mountain of excuses to perch his loss of his two starting quarterbacks on top as the reason for his failure. Of those five playoff games, he helped the Jets win two of them. Our Chiefs haven't won a playoff game since 1993. I wasn't even a glimmer in my father's eye when they won their last Super Bowl.

Sometimes all it takes to get the most out of a man is a change of scenery and a new set of tools. He's inheriting a Hemi powered offense and an improving defense that is sick of making highlight reels for the other team. I believe our Trent Green led warriors will stop Edwards from being too conservative. I believe any defensive minded Head Coach would make an immediate positive impact on this defense. Hey, how could he not?

His detractors like to belittle what accomplishments he had. They'd rather poke fun at how he manages a game, and how tight fisted he is with his offense. Of course, he's never had the cohesive awe-inspiring offense that he has now. But I guess it's far more enjoyable to declare a man a failure at a task he hasn't even started yet, than appreciate the tangibles we know he brings us, and the dream of new ones to come.

Yes I wear rose colored glasses. But I'm a girl. I can do that.

I generally wait for a guy to do something unforgivable before the desire to boot him becomes fully cognizant. As such, I think I'll treat Herman Edwards like any other man. Well… If he brings me a Super Bowl, he can skip buying me dinner. Top Stories