Trent Green Gets Invite to the Pro Bowl

The NFL righted a serious wrong yesterday by placing Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Trent Green on the 2006 Pro Bowl roster. Green was tapped as a replacement for injured New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and deservedly so.

In the popularity contest that is Pro Bowl voting, sometimes very good players fall through the cracks, and Green happened to be one of those players. Carson Palmer of the Cincinnati Bengals, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, and Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts all deserved to go to the Pro Bowl. Each of those guys had phenomenal seasons, leading their respective teams to the postseason.

Not to sound like a bitter Chiefs guy here but when Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer was selected to go to the Pro Bowl to replace Carson Palmer after Palmer's devastating knee injury, it was a joke.

Sure, it could be argued that Plummer had the better year. After all Plummer had a higher passer rating (Plummer's passer rating was 90.2 to Green's 90.1), and he threw three fewer interceptions than Green. Plummer threw for one more touchdown than Green despite throwing 50 fewer passes. So, strictly going by the numbers, you could talk yourself into voting for Plummer. (As a side note, after the AFC Championship game, we now know that after all these years, Plummer's failures are because of Plummer.)

Except, like just about everything else in life, it runs much deeper than that. We all know that Green is a better quarterback than Plummer any day of the week. If the two switched places, the Broncos would be playing in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs would have finished 6-10. There's no way Plummer would have had the same success as Green with the Chiefs. No quarterback except Peyton Manning and Tom Brady do a more complete job leading their teams on game days.

Green threw more passes with greater accuracy than Plummer. Green did better in pressure situations than Plummer. Green continued his reign as one of the best quarterbacks in the game today, registering his fourth consecutive season with a quarterback rating over 90. Only two other quarterbacks in NFL history have done that, Steve Young and Brett Favre.

Still, I guess it's better late than never. The NFL got a mulligan, and got it right. That doesn't happen often, in life and in football. Ultimately, Green ended up where he deserves to be. Top Stories