Casey's Chiefs

So there's this new guy in town. He is 6'2, 222, sporting high cheekbones and a killer body. At 24 he's a little young for me but that's only because I fondly remember most men at 24. All false bravado with a touch of that heady indestructible feeling.

Casey Printers started his college tour at Texas Christian University, leading the Horned Frogs to three straight bowl games and two back-to-back conference championships.

Printers' senior year was played at pass-happy Florida A&M. In 2002, injuries pushed him away from the NFL draft and into the arms of the Canadian Football League's British Columbia Lions, where he spent his rookie year as a third string quarterback.

After amassing silly stats (over 5,000 passing yards and a record-setting 35 touchdown passes) in his second year with the Lions, he was forced into the role of backup for the 2004 Grey Cup (The CFL's version of the Super Bowl). He was passed over in favor of Dave Dickerson, who was returning from an injury.

After compiling a 13-5 record during the regular season, the Lions fell short of a championship, losing 27-19 to the Toronto Argonauts.

Fighting a nagging shoulder injury and an ongoing quarterback controversy, Printers turned in a lackluster and limited performance in 2005. Optioning out of his last year with British Columbia, he recently shook his stuff for several NFL teams before landing in Kansas City.

By some accounts, Printers would have been the starting quarterback for the Lions had he not elected to join the NFL. You would think that would do much to alleviate any sting to the ever-delicate male pride.

At least I hope it did. He's part of the Kansas City Chiefs now.

What part? Heck if I know. I'm a rah-rah Trent Green girl. I don't enjoy thinking of another quarterback driving what has been his car for the last five years.

Even some young stud that thinks he can run. Even the 2004 CFL MOP (Most Outstanding Player) with the modeling portfolio. I get attached to my quarterbacks.

I'll let you know what I think after someone plops a hefty NFL playbook in front of Printers for the first time and tells him to digest the entire thing. Maybe we'll know the first time he's lovingly hit by a 250-pound freight train for the cheeky sin of running with the football.

Will the complicated offense the Chiefs run rattle around in an empty skull?

Will he lay abnormally contorted on the ground counting stars and wondering why in the world he joined the NFL?

Can he throw the darn ball with any kind of accuracy?

Can he do it while a sadistic NFL linebacker blitzes with frightening speed towards his head?

Training camp should be interesting, to say the least.

Super Bowl XL is going to be orchestrated by 24-year old Ben Roethlisberger and 31-year old Matt Hasselbeck. In the past 20 years only two men over 35 have led their teams to the Super Bowl. John Elway and (sigh) Rich Gannon.

Trent Green turns 36 this offseason.

I understand new blood is needed for the future health of the Chiefs, and that it's going to take time and luck to find and groom a replacement for Green.

But I don't have to like it.

Not to be overly corny, but Casey's future is in his hands. Be prepared and be eager. Spill some blood and sweat. After some confidence and comprehension is achieved, he should get a shot.

There is no better place to learn an offense than at the feet of the leader of the best offense in football. After all, Trent Green learned from the shadows of the sideline. Trent Green was also a British Columbia Lion. Ca Top Stories