Chiefs Don't Need T.O.

Don't get me wrong, I love embattled wide receiver Terrell Owens. Anyone who spends any significant amount of time with me is eventually subjected to a meandering yet spirited monologue extolling the virtues of Employee No. 81. If the Kansas City Chiefs picked up Owens, I would be the first in line to pick up my red and gold 81.

I can go on for hours about how although he can be a selfish, loud-mouthed jerk, no one works harder or wants to win more than T.O. If either Jeff Garcia or Donovan McNabb were true leaders, he'd probably be just another boorish Hall Of Fame bound athlete. T.O. isn't exactly a saint, but he's not exactly the devil he's portrayed as either. Like most things in life the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

But enough about that.

Adding T.O. to this team would be an embarrassment of riches. Kind of like when you're watching one of those shows about people far richer that you can dream, and you see some guy with a marble yacht with a platinum, diamond encrusted Olympic sized swimming pool and helipad equipped with a helicopter made entirely of rubies and ermine. You can cut the excess with a knife.

That's what picking up T.O. would be for this Chiefs offense, and as much as I like T.O. I don't think he'd able to share the ball with all the talented offensive players on this team.

Running back Larry Johnson has to get his touches first and foremost. L.J. needs to see the ball 25 times a game for this team to be successful.

Quarterback Trent Green does a fantastic job of distributing the ball in the passing game, and with tight end Tony Gonzalez downfield, Owens won't see the ball as many times as much as he's accustomed to. That would probably work well for a season or so, but ultimately it would kill him to see the ball go other places.

I can understand the Chiefs interest in T.O. The offense isn't getting any younger, and T.O. would make them virtually unstoppable. There's enough strong leadership on this team to keep T.O. in check for a while, and it would definitely work for a season or two.

Thing is, Owens doesn't play defense, and adding more talent along the defensive line should be the Chiefs primary concern this off season. Chiefs president Carl Peterson's only downfall has been his inability to field a complete team, and if Kansas City truly wants to compete for a Super Bowl, the lack of a consistent pass rush has to be addressed before the Chiefs window of opportunity slams shut.

Owens could do great things in the Chiefs offense, but the risks associated with bring Owens aboard and urgency of other roster holes outweigh any numbers T.O. could bring to the team.

But the Chiefs other needs are simply too great to ignore, and unless T.O. can get double digit sacks, there's no point in bringing him aboard.

If that happens, then I'll talk your ear off about how badly we need Terrell Owens. Top Stories