Déjà vu, Ty Law

The circle is complete. Cornerback Ty Law was officially released by the New York Jets on Tuesday, after spending a single season on Broadway. The Jets signed Law as a free agent last season after speculation that Law would end up with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The question for the Chiefs was whether or not Law had recovered from a foot injury that sidelined him for much of the 2004 season.

Ten interceptions and eight passes defended later, Law finds himself back on the free market. Like last season, the Chiefs are rumored to be interested once again. Speculation is swirling that cornerback Eric Warfield may be released due to salary cap issues. If that's the case, naturally the Chiefs would need a replacement.

Law would be a great addition to the Chiefs, as a short term solution. The Chiefs plan to play more Cover Two now that Herman Edwards is the head coach.

Edwards coached Law last season in New York, so he's familiar with his abilities as a player and his temperament. Law is a smart, strong, physical corner who excels in space and playing man to man coverage. Pairing him with cornerback Patrick Surtain would give the Chiefs one of the best cornerback tandems in the NFL.

Teams tested Law's mobility last season by throwing at him, but he proved he's still on the league's premier corners. Trouble is, Law is 32 years old, and will demand a huge contract. But with the Chiefs struggling to get under the salary cap in the ensuing days, and their primary need to add a playmaker along the defensive line, adding Law doesn't make much sense.

If the Chiefs release Eric Warfield, second year man Alphonso Hodge is waiting in the wings. He has the physical tools to play at a high level, he's cheaper and the Chiefs are high on him. If the Chiefs give Hodge the starter's reps this offseason, there's a good chance he'll be ready to go by the time training camp rolls around. One of Herman Edwards's strengths as a head coach is his ability to get young, raw and talented players prepared to make plays on Sunday afternoons. His patience with athletic players who don't have NFL seasoning is something that he does about as well as any other head coach in the game today.

The Chiefs nation would like to see Law come to Kansas City, but it would be a bad idea. With so many of the teams offensive stars aging, the window of opportunity gets narrower every year. The Chiefs have to be very selective with whom they add to the roster and that's why it's unlikely the Ty Law madness will reach anything but a thud at one Arrowhead Drive.

This offseason, look for the Chiefs to add lower priced free agents, particularly on the defensive line, where the need is greatest. Adding another pass rushing threat to compliment defensive end Jared Allen is of the utmost priority. If the Chiefs can find a good pass rusher, there's no need for an expensive player like Law.

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