Chiefs Looking for Quarterbacks

It's no secret that the Kansas City Chiefs would like to find a developmental quarterback to work behind current quarterback Trent Green. With former backups Todd Collins and Damon Huard gone, the Chiefs are woefully thin at the position.

The Chiefs signed CFL phenom Casey Printers last month from the British Columbia Lions. Printers has a lively arm and excellent mobility, but the Chiefs will probably still add a familiar quarterback name to the roster. Still the organization has spent a considerable amount of time at the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combines, talking to the second wave of college quarterbacks that could be available in April's NFL draft.

Thus playing quarterback in Kansas City would be an attractive situation for most quarterbacks. The offensive system, while high in volume, is structured and highly developed. The Chiefs have a glut of offensive weapons in the running and passing games, and an offensive line that is second to none. Convincing a talented quarterback to come to Kansas City shouldn't be a problem for the Kansas City brass.

One of the names being thrown around this offseason is Chad Pennington of the New York Jets. As of now, Pennington is still under contract with the Jets. However, the Jets asked Pennington to take a huge pay cut yesterday. They want him to cut his 2006 salary from $8 million down to $1 million. If the Jets do cut him, he'll count nearly $12 million against this years salary cap.

If Pennington and the Jets can't come to an agreement, and he does get cut, there's still a question of whether or not he's recovered from his second torn rotator cuff in almost as many years. Before the injury, there were questions about Pennington's arm strength. The Chiefs would have to make sure that Pennington is still capable of making all the throws in the offense.

You can't question Pennington's poise or his toughness. He's played through injuries and under the intense scrutiny of the New York media. He's a leader, and the guys on the Jets love him, even if they think he may be brittle. Also working in Pennington's favor is his connection to Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards.

"He can if he's well. I'm hoping he gets well," Edwards said at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. "If anybody can do it, Chad can do it. With his mental toughness, the type of guy he is, he's a unique individual. He really is. He played with it tore up the last five or six games when we made the playoffs [in 2004]."

Reports last week indicated that the Jets are interested in acquiring quarterback Patrick Ramsey from the Washington Redskins. That doesn't bode well for Pennington if the Jets are already looking for his replacement. It's the second time in a year the Jets have checked into Ramsey, the first being last September when Pennington first went down.

Speaking of Ramsey, the Chiefs may want to take a look at the four year veteran. Selected in the first round of the 2002 draft, Ramsey hasn't been given much of an opportunity by any of coaches in Washington. He was given permission to seek a trade by the Redskins last week. The Redskins would like a first day pick for Ramsey, but given the botched way he's been handled during career, he could probably be had for less.

Ramsey is an intriguing prospect. He's strong, with good, not great, size at 6'2", 225 pounds. Ramsey demonstrated the ability to make plays downfield when he did make it on the field. It's a head-scratcher that he wasn't given more of an opportunity at Washington, but that shouldn't bother the Chiefs. Given his frustration level with his situation at Washington, though, the question remains is he has willingness to spend a year or two as a backup.

With so many NFL teams looking for a starting quarterback this off season, it might be tough to get a player of Ramsey's caliber to play behind a quarterback like Trent Green. However, he could learn much from the Chiefs senior quarterback.

With that said, of the two quarterbacks, Ramsey would probably be the better choice. He's more athletic, and healthier than Pennington. Of course, there will be other options available once free agency begins. Names like Brian Griese of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, possibly Drew Brees of the San Diego Chargers could be freed once March 3 arrives. Those two have definite health concerns entering free agency, but having Green gives the Chiefs the ability to be patient while one of those guys finish rehab.

There will opportunities for the Chiefs to find a solid eventual replacement for Green this offseason. If the Chiefs are patient and choose well, they'll have no problem find the man under center for years to come. Top Stories