Terrell Owens Continues to Pursue the Chiefs

With free agency set to begin in less than four days and the NFL combines still ongoing in Indianapolis, the Chiefs appear to be getting busy setting the table for player acquisitions to improve the team in 2006. One player's name that keeps coming up is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens.

When Herman Edwards became the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs last month he made it very clear that there were certain areas on this team where it needed to play with more passion and even further get younger at certain positions.

But how does that equate to the team showing continued interest in Terrell Owens? It doesn't but the fact remains the two sides are still talking about getting a deal done.

At the Senior Bowl last month, the Chiefs and Drew Rosenhaus, the notorious agent who represents arguable the most talented and troubled offensive force in all of pro football, indicated to the Chiefs that his client would like to play for Kansas City. He would like to play for Herman Edwards.

The strength of the Chiefs new head coach is his ability to take guys with less heart and questionable character and mold them into productive players. Look at what he did last year with cornerback Ty Law. Despite the fact he was a pain in the tail to deal with on a daily basis, he was nonetheless a very productive player for the New York Jets last season.

Even further what happened in the Jets locker room stayed in the Jets locker room because Edwards demands respect from his players and he gets it or they don't play for him. And despite some unreported confrontations, Law showed Edwards respect the entire season and the same could be done by Owens if he wears a Chiefs uniform next season.

Now Law is a sharp tongued, opinionated football player that could easily be compared to that of the infamous Owens. He's also a playmaking fool and in the NFL you have to be able to produce and bring it every Sunday. Law did that despite playing on a football team that was riddled with one injury after another.

On Sunday Drew Rosenhaus apparently had a conversation with Chiefs President Carl Peterson and the hot topic was of course Terrell Owens. The two sides set forth parameters that would be acceptable to both parties so a deal could be struck. That means Owens is willing to sign a 1-year deal with the Chiefs in order to get a job in 2006.

Those discussions have led to further talks that are geared to promoting the Chiefs interest in acquiring the troubled wide receiver and also to see what the true market value for Owens might be in the next several days; so Rosenhaus can shop him to other teams like Denver, Dallas and Miami.

The NFL combines are supposed to showcase the talents of the college kids, but NFL executives also spend much of their time at this event to prepare for potential roster cuts but more so these days to talk with agents about their clients before the start of Free Agency.

The Chiefs are in the middle of these talks right now and Owens appears to be someone that Kansas City has more than a passing interest in acquiring.

Of course even if the two sides manage to reach a deal, the Chiefs would have to offer up draft compensation to Philadelphia. However, it seems unlikely that the Eagles would demand anything for Owens outside of an insignificant second day draft pick. The Chiefs already owe the Jets their forth round pick for Edwards so it seems likely they'd be more than willing to part with a fifth or sixth round pick for the rights to Owens.

Stay tuned.

In other Chiefs news, the team is trying to get under the projected 2006 salary cap of $95 million. However we're hearing from our sources at Indy that the 2006 Cap could be as high as $96 or $97 million.

Kansas City has a hard deadline of March 2nd to get under that number so they can start the process to determine if they can acquire potential free agents on March 3. Though Kansas City will likely focus on younger guys after the first wave of big name players has signed, they still have to settle some issues in-house first.

Among them the Chiefs are currently hoping to get players such as Will Shields, Priest Holmes, Eric Warfield, Greg Wesley and Kendrell Bell to reduce their contract numbers for 2006.

The team is hoping to extend the contract of tight end Tony Gonzalez for another three seasons. If they can get that done before Thursday night, then they could clear even more cap space.

The wrench in all of this is the fact that the NFL owners and the NFLPA are very close to a deal that would extend the current labor deal. If the two sides are unable to get a deal done before the start of free agency, then agents have been instructed to design contracts that will be heavily loaded in 2007 where the two sides previously agreed would not be restricted by a salary cap.

Thus if a deal can get done; it's very likely the start of free agency could be delayed as much as a week. That would give the Chiefs more time to clean up their own cap situation and give them even more time to strike a deal with Terrell Owens.

But the Chiefs don't need a lot of room to get something done in free agency. Last season as active as the Chiefs were in acquiring veteran players, they only had about $4.5 million to work with and were able to add the likes of Patrick Surtain, Sammy Knight and Kendrell Bell.

The hard part for this team will be to decide which veterans will be cut over the next several days. Once that happens, the true offseason will begin.

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