Warpaint Illustrated Combine Assessments

Now that the NFL teams are back from the NFL combines and preparing for College Pro-Days and the start of Free Agency, Warpaint Illustrated's man in the film room Mike Campbell breaks down what he saw from Indy this past week.

Top Producers
TE Vernon Davis – With 33 reps on the bench press, a 42" vertical jump, a 10'8" broad jump, and a 4.38 forty yard dash (the fastest ever by a tight end at the combine), Davis has solidified himself as a top five pick. Defensive coordinators all over the league are having nightmares about the possibility of trying to match up with player of his skill set.

CB/FS Michael Huff – Huff's 4.37 forty yard dash and 40.5" vertical jump was slightly better than expected. He also did a fantastic job of opening his hips and changing direction from a backpedal position; which equates to teams looking at him a little more seriously as a cornerback and not just as a safety.

WR Chad Jackson – At 6'1" Jackson is the tallest wide receiver of the first round prospects with an impressive set of hands to match. He was already a solid top twenty pick but after his 4.32 forty yard dash at the combine he's likely elevated himself in to the top ten.

DT Broderick Bunkley – Bunkley initially turned heads at the combine when he did 44 reps on the bench press which is just one repetition short of tying the combine record. He followed that up with a 4.9 forty and was very fluid with his footwork in all of his drills. His display of physical skills was so impressive that he may have moved ahead of Haloti Ngata on some teams boards.

DE Mario Williams – Williams is the most fluid player you'll ever see at 6'7" 295lbs. His change of direction combined with his power and explosion is nothing short of amazing. So what else could he have possibly done to raise his stock even higher? How about running a 4.64 forty yard dash? Oh yes, he did.

QB Jay Cutler – Cutler came out last Sunday and clearly separated himself from the rest of the quarterbacks at the combine. He threw every short and intermediate route with high precision and velocity (60mph) yet showed nice touch on the deeper routes as well. Outside of his passing exploits he also managed to perform 23 reps on the bench press and ran a 4.77 forty yard dash.

FS Donte Whittner – Coming in to the combine Whittner was regarded as the most polished and NFL ready prospect at free safety. His 4.40 forty time gave further evidence that he possesses the range he'll need as a Pro. With that type of speed he'll be a tempting target in the mid to late first round.

SS Daniel Bullocks – Bullocks made himself a lot of money this weekend when he a 4.38 forty yard dash. It's hard to find 6'0" 212lb players with that kind of speed and defensive coordinators are salivating over the possibility of turning him in to the next Brian Dawkins or Troy Polamalu.

DE/OLB Manny Lawson – Lawson's stock has been steadily rising since the Senior Bowl and he's especially soaring up the value boards for teams that run a 3-4 defense. However, no one could have guessed he'd turn in a 4.43 forty at the combine. With that type of foot speed he's surely maneuvered himself in to the middle of the first round.

FS Jason Allen – With so many big pass catching tight ends in the NFL, safeties with Allen's muscular 6'2" frame are in high demand. Most safeties that match a tight ends size however aren't fast enough to cover wide receivers on a regular basis. This isn't the case with Allen however and he proved it at the combine with a 4.42 forty.

OLB Ernie Sims – Sims ran a 4.50 forty at the combine which is an excellent number for a linebacker. What was more impressive than his 40 time however was the way he performed in the cone and bag drills; it was startling to see how well Sims could change direction and explode downhill on a moments notice.

CB Tye Hill – Hill ran the fastest forty times at the combine with a 4.30 but make no mistake he's more than straight line sprinter. He flashed some of the best hips and footwork at Indianapolis and has solidified himself as one of the top three corners in the draft.

RB Joseph Addai – Addai was far and away the best runningback that worked out at this years combine. With Reggie Bush, Laurence Maroney, LenDale White, and DeAngelo Williams all sitting out the drills it was the 6'0" 214lb Addai who stole the spotlight. With a time of 4.37 in the forty yard dash and a strong showing in the receiving drills he has narrowed the gap between him and the other top five tailbacks.

OG Charles Spencer – Spencer followed up his impressive work at the Senior Bowl with a marvelous day at the combine. His 5.28 forty is impressive for a 6'5" 330lb player and when he ran through drills his leverage and balance were outstanding. He is one of several offensive linemen in this draft that have future Pro Bowler written all over him.

The Climbers
OT Marcus McNeil – McNeil showed some fabulous straight line speed for a 340lb player with a 5.07 forty yard dash. He also did remarkably well in pass protection and pulling drills as well.

OT Eric Winston – After Winston's strong performance in the 20yd shuttle, broad jump, and forty yard dash (4.94) he could very well be moving back in to the second round but only if he is willing to become an interior lineman. After watching him again at the combine and then taking in to consideration the way he's looked on film during pass protection I am convinced that Winston might be better off moving to the inside.

C Chris Chester – Very athletic and reminds me a lot of Casey Weigmann. Ran a 4.87 forty and will be perfect for teams with an offense that pulls their centers as well as their guards.

QB Marcus Vick – Prior to the combine there were so many questions surrounding Marcus Vick's character that he was no longer considered a viable draft pick. In all likelihood he was going to go undrafted and sign with a team as a rookie free agent. After running a 4.42 forty and throwing fairly accurate passes however he's now probably secured himself as a third or fourth round pick.

OG Davin Joseph – Joseph did a solid job through all of his drills this weekend but what stood out the most was his unbelievable wing span. Joseph has the best of both worlds while playing on the interior because he can out reach most of the players lining up in front of him yet his actual height allows him to keep his pad level low (something a 6'6" tackle would normally struggle with). This is a major advantage in Joseph's favor that many people don't realize.

DE Mike Kudla - Kudla tied the all time record for the bench press at the combine with 45 repetitions of 225lbs. Since he wasn't overly productive as an end at Ohio State he probably considered to be more than a 6th or 7th round prospect but after his impressive display of strength he may have moved up a round to the 5th.

DT Dusty Dvoracek – Dvoracek had a solid performance at the combine and he sorely needed it after the way he struggled at the Senior Bowl. Although he wasn't spectacular he definitely did enough to jump from the late fourth round in to the early third round. After watching all of his drills I suspect he might get as much attention from 3-4 teams to play defensive end as he will from 4-3 teams to play defensive tackle.

DE Mark Anderson – With Anderson's long arms and slender build he is somewhat reminiscent of Jason Taylor when you see him with his hand on the ground in a three point stance. He might have even passed for Taylor running through his drills as well with his silky smooth transitions and 4.61 forty speed. The way he was able to move so effortlessly through all of his drills with the perfect amount of balance and leverage had to have caught the attention of everyone present.

OG Max Jean Gilles – Gilles didn't do anything earth shattering while participating in the combine but he did do a couple of things better than expected. For a player his size I thought he moved really well in the pass protection mirror drills and his vertical jump was impressive as well (good explosion). His performance might not have moved him up the draft boards at all but it was good enough to keep him stationary with a lot of movement around him.

DE/OLB Chris Gocong – Gocong was extremely fluid through all of his drills and showed a very quick initial burst. He appears to be moving as fast during his first ten yards as he is in his last thirty. He's been an ultra productive pass rush specialist but not at the Division 1 level and assessing him physically I wonder if he has the arm length to be a productive pass rusher in NFL.

DT John McCargo – To this point McCargo has been overshadowed by teammates Manny Lawson and Mario Williams. McCargo however did a lot to help his draft stock this weekend with a nice display of quickness, leverage, and power. Right now I would consider him a mid to late second round pick and a poor mans Broderick Bunkley.

Who's Falling?
Cornerbacks Antonio Cromartie (4.49 and 4.58), Charles Gordon (4.53), and Cedric Griffin (4.52), all ran sub par forty yard dashes. Each of those players were possible first round picks but will now surely fall to the second and third rounds unless they miraculously improve at their pro days.

Tight end Mercedes Lewis also fell victim to the stopwatch with a very pedestrian 4.79. On the bright side Lewis caught everything thrown his way but it's hard to make catches when you cannot separate from defenders.

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