Owens Cut By Eagles Next Stop KC or Dallas?

Reports continue to swirl that today will be the day the Philadelphia Eagles finally rid themselves of disgruntled wide receiver Terrell Owens. There are two reports this morning that indicate that Owens could become a Kansas City Chief in the very near future.

Updated 3:25 PM CST

According to both Philly.com and ProFootballtalk.com, the Chiefs appear to be the front-runner for wide receiver Terrell Owens. Those rumors appear to be gaining steam on Tuesday and it's looking more and more likely that a meeting could happen within the next 24 hours with Herman Edwards and Terrell Owens.

Here is what we've been able to gather as of this morning.

The Eagles have relased Terrell Owens. Philadelphia was unable to trade him to any of the interested parties. It was clear after the fiasco with Donovan McNabb that Owens had no future with the Eagles.

The Eagles have a solid relationship with the Chiefs organization and I'm told they'd rather see him go to Kansas City than to the Dallas Cowboys, the other team on the radar screen. But that's no longer an issue for both parties.

The Chiefs now have $12 million in cap space after re-structuring Will Shields contract. Shields base salary has been lowered from $5.4 million to $880,000 for 2006.

We expect the Chiefs will make a strong push to try and sign defensive tackle Rocky Bernard to a five-year deal. Based on what other defensive tackles have already earned since Saturday when free agency began, the deal will likely cost the Chiefs about $1.5 million in 2006 money.

Though Bernard only had one break out season; that was in 2005 when he had 52 tackles and 8 sacks, he's better at rushing the passer than any other defensive interior lineman the Chiefs have on the roster to date. If the season started today, he would line up next to Ryan Sims with John Browning and Junior Siavii as their primary back-ups.

But as of this writing no deal has been done but Bernard and cornerback Will Allen are still in Kansas City and each is hopeful of getting a deal signed in the next several hours.

Assuming for the moment the Chiefs do sign Bernard, that leaves $10.5 million to make Owens a multi-year deal and I think that's what it's going to take to get him away from Dallas.

But remember the Chiefs won't be able to trust a word that comes out of the mouth of Drew Rosenhaus once negotiations get to the next level. When running back Edgerrin James was close to signing in Arizona, the magnificent agent was all over the NFL asking teams to beat the deal with the Cardinals. Nobody bit so James signed the richest contract for a running back in NFL history. That won't happen for his other client. No team is going to offer Owens that kind of coin; at least not in 2006.

The Dallas Cowboys are in the midst of a power struggle in regards to Owens. Team owner Jerry Jones really wants Owens but Head Coach Bill Parcells does not want him on the roster. Now Jones will likely win but still there is some infighting going on right now and that has clearly put the Chiefs in the drivers seat.

But late Tuesday afternoon, word has spread that the Cowboys have resolved the conflict and intend to pursue Owens with vigor.

The Cowboys have their own wide receiver situation that they need to settle. Keyshawn Johnson is expected to receive a $1 million roster bonus today and we've learned that the Cowboys have made no attempt to restructure his contract.

Kansas City has been very smart in their dealings with the Owens camp. There is not a single NFL team that does not believe Owens can both help and destroy a franchise. However, Herman Edwards has been steadfast in his desire, under the right situation, that Owens can be a productive player for the Chiefs and can be controlled in the locker room. This organization has not had a game breaking wide receiver on the roster since Otis Taylor.

With their new found money, the Chiefs are also laying in the weeds to see if either Ty Law or Charles Woodson gets any feelers from any other NFL teams. As of this writing, neither cornerback has scheduled any visits and with the free agency money starting to dry up around the league, the Chiefs could be in a great position to sign either one of them to a very cap friendly 2006 deal.

Stay tuned to Warpaint Illustrated for the latest on Terrell Owens, Rocky Bernard, Ty Law and Charles Woodson.

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