Not So Fast K.C.

The Detroit Lions made the first move today when they officially announced quarterback Joey Harrington is no longer in their plans, although he remains on their active roster. Whether he becomes a member of the Kansas City Chiefs in the days or weeks to come remains an open question. Warpaint Illustrated has the very latest.

"At this moment, he's not with us," Detroit Lions Head Coach Rod Marinelli said. "That's been my decision"

Nobody knows for sure if the decision about Harrington's future was the sole decision of Marinelli or if it was orchestrated by Lions General Manager Matt Millen.

Regardless of who made the final call, Harrington has thrown his last pass in a Lions uniform.

The Kansas City Chiefs have been linked to Harrington since word spread on Friday that he could be released. The Lions leaked that information so they could let other NFL teams know they would be willing to part with Harrington for a draft pick.

But what can they truly expect to get for Harrington when it's obvious he'll be released in the very near future?

The Washington Redskins traded former back-up quarterback Patrick Ramsey to the New York Jets for a sixth-round draft pick last Thursday. That appears to be a logical price for Harrington.

But now that the Lions went public with their comments on Harrington, it's doubtful that the Chiefs or any other NFL team will be willing to part with even a second day draft pick.

Harrington is owed $9 million from the Lions this season and his agent David Dunn appears to be steadfast in getting his client that kind of money in the open market. At least that's what he's telling the teams that want to trade for Harrington.

We believe this is just a ploy by Dunn to get the Lions to officially release Harrington, so they have more options in the free agent market.

The teams interested in Harrington appear to be the Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets and Oakland Raiders. Kansas City has shown the most interest to date. A report earlier in the day had the Vikings linked to a possible trade, but we've confirmed that's not the case.

Warpaint Illustrated has confirmed that Joey Harrington is very interested in playing for the Chiefs and he would not be opposed to sitting behind Trent Green for a year. In fact, his decision making process in finding a new team will be primarily based on the strength of prospective organizations as a whole.

The Chiefs appear to fit that criteria.

Harrington still wants to be a starter, however, and he would have opportunities in other places besides Kansas City. But it's important for Harrington to erase the memory of playing for the Detroit Lions.

With so many rumors flying around in the last 24 hours, Warpaint Illustrated has confirmed that nothing is going to be done in Kansas City with Harrington until the Lions officially release him.

Then Dunn can work out a contract with all the interested parties. With each passing hour it appears the Lions have little choice now but to officially cut ties with their disgruntled quarterback.

When that happens, expect the Chiefs to bring him in for a visit before making him an offer to be Trent Green's back-up in 2006.

Stay tuned to Warpaint Illustrated for the very latest on the Chiefs pursuit of Joey Harrington. Top Stories