Lional Dalton Returns to The Fold

The Kansas City Chiefs have re-signed defensive tackle Lional Dalton. Dalton spent the last two seasons with the Chiefs after stints with the Baltimore Ravens, the Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins. He allows the Chiefs to keep some depth on the defensive line, something the Chiefs sorely needed.

The Eastern Michigan product has appeared in all 32 games (27 starts) since joining the Chiefs in 2004, recording 82 tackles (49 solo), a sack (-7.0), one fumble recovery and 45 QB pressures. Last season Dalton finished the season with 46 tackles (23 solo) with four stops for loss, as well as a sack (-7.0 yards) and 19 QB pressures.

At 6'1", 315 pounds, Dalton plays with power and great leverage. In defensive line play, a defensive tackle that can bend his knees and regularly get under offensive lineman's pads is a great commodity. At times, Dalton has been the Chiefs best defensive lineman. He plays his best football late in games when the Chiefs need him the most. Dalton's also a great clubhouse guy. He works hard, generally doesn't make any waves, and the other players like and respect him.

Unless the Chiefs sign someone else, Dalton will likely go into next season as the starter alongside Ryan Sims in the middle. If Sims continues to improve, it will make the other defensive tackles better. The Chiefs may add another guy at defensive tackle, but Sims is the key to improving the Chiefs' interior line play.

Of course, the natives in the Kansas City fan base are starting to get a little restless, watching the Chiefs make ripples in the free agency pond. It's become apparent that Chiefs' president Carl Peterson will hold true to his word, and the Chiefs will not make any major moves in free agency. The Chiefs will make minor moves in free agency, unless a bargain comes along, and will look to the draft to improve this team. Top Stories