Chiefs Making a Late Push for Harrington?

Are the Chiefs quietly back in mix for Joey Harrington? According to a source inside the Lions camp, the Chiefs might be willing to part with a future second day draft pick.

ALLEN PARK - The Kansas City Chiefs have quietly jumped back into the position of front runner for the services of Lions quarterback Joey Harrington. The Chiefs are now offering the Lions their fourth-round pick in the 2007 draft in exchange for the rights to Harrington contingent upon coming to a contract agreement has learned.

Harrington, who has been liked to primarily two teams, the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals has been apprised of the new offer from Kansas City and is now open to the idea of going there to replace Trent Green, 36, who many believe is one good hit away from retirement.

Though it was logical for many in NFL circles to believe that Harrington was a good fit in Kansas City, the Chiefs had their reasons to delay their pursuit of Harrington.

Kansas City will have now attempt to have Harrington come in for a visit and try to work out a contract with Harrington's agent David Dunn. Sources close to the deal said Harrington was very high on the idea of going to Miami with a chance to supplant the injured Daunte Culpepper and love the Miami area including South Beach (who wouldn't.) But Detroit is balking at Miami's offer of two 7th round picks for a quarterback who has started nearly every game in his career, albeit without very good results.

Cincinnati was willing to offer the Lions a 6th round pick, but was unwilling to reach compensation agreement for the signal caller. Kansas City has never waivered from their interest in Harrington since the day he came into the league in 2002 as the 3rd overall pick. They believe his ability to throw the ball downfield fits their style of offense. Harrington's initial demands have plummeted since five teams, who at one point were interested in talking to him have dropped out of the bidding.

Kansas City's offer would likely be accepted by Detroit but a deal would have to be consummated before the 2006 NFL draft so that he could get into the Chiefs offseason workout program.

However, if Harrington wants to play for the Chiefs, he and his agent will have to agree on a one-year deal. Kansas City is not willing to give him a two-year deal.

Warpaint Illustrated Publisher Nick Athan contributed to this report. Top Stories