No Fun League Strikes Again

On Friday, the NFL Network reported that the NFL's competition committee is proposing several new rules governing player celebrations.

According to the proposal, players won't be allowed to go to the ground in celebration, nor will they be allowed to use the ball as a prop. They might as well call this "The Chad Johnson Rule."

But guess what? Like your favorite team's cornerback, it's not going to stop 85.

Instead, he's going back to the drawing board.

"When you have me thinking double time that means I got to get more creative," said Johnson. "I've got some of the best material for this year, within the rules that have just been made. No disrespect to those that made those rules."

What exactly is the NFL's problem? They've had multiple crackdowns of this sort in the past. Did it solve the "problem?" Not even close.

The NFL is about entertainment. Chad Johnson provides entertainment. The NFL's own TV channel was glued to his antics every week last season. At times last year, "NFL Total Access" more closely resembled "The Chad Johnson and T.O. Comedy Hour."

Now they're trying to cramp his style. Isn't that a bit hypocritical after all the camera time they give him?

It's not all about Chad, either. The league paints Terrell Owens as the NFL's Super-Villain.

And yet, that same league scheduled the Cowboys for six games on national television this year. Four of those games are in primetime.

Clearly, the NFL loves promoting Terrell Owens. He's good for the league.

So is Chad Johnson. The Bengals are on national TV four times this year.

Chad and T.O. weren't the only wide receivers weighing in on the celebration issue on Friday. The Saints' Joe Horn wasn't thrilled with the news, either.

"If you do the Lambeau Leap and someone hurts a kid in the stands, or someone hits a player that jumps into the stands, it's a double standard," said Horn. "Why should you have the Lambeau Leap if you can't have props in the end zone? They should just cut it all out."

Don't worry, Joe. I'm sure the NFL doesn't want to do that. Otherwise, they wouldn't have T.O. on national television so often.

This whole thing just sends mixed messages. It's not consistent. On Friday, the NFL Network showed the competition committee discussing the proposed crackdowns.

They were watching Chad Johnson's celebrations from last season. Instead of contemplating these shocking transgressions in grim silence, they were laughing.

They were being entertained!

Thankfully, the competition committee took some time out of their busy schedule to discuss changing the "down by contact" rule.

As Johnson himself said, "there are more important things in the NFL to worry about than the celebrations we do."

"Come August, in the preseason, it starts. It's gonna be beautiful." Top Stories