2006 NFL Draft – Chiefs Looking at MU QB

In the weeks leading up to the draft, the Kansas City Chiefs are deliberately studying potential candidates for the roster. There's been several guys the Chiefs have brought in to get a better look.

Not only are the Chiefs looking at positions of dire need, they're looking at guys that would improve the team at any position, hence the mixture of guys, even at positions you'd think the team was set.

Here is a list:

QB Drew Olson – UCLA – 6'1" 222lbs

Drew Olson was the UCLA Bruins starting quarterback for three years but never caught the attention of scouts until his senior year. During his senior season Olson threw for 2,909 yards and 30 touchdowns while leading his team to four fourth-quarter comebacks. His 30 touchdowns become even more impressive when you consider he threw a career low three interceptions.

Olson is not listed on Warpaint Illustrated's value board and is expected to enter the league as an undrafted rookie free agent.

WR/QB Brad Smith – Missouri - 6'2" 205lbs (worked out)

The University of Missouri's ultra-athletic quarterback will have to switch positions if he wants to make it in the NFL. Most teams are asking him to move to wide receiver where his game breaking speed can be better utilized.

There's no reason why Smith can't be the next Matt Jones or Antwaan Randel El. If he'll forget about playing quarterback and concentrate on being a receiver Smith can become one of the better playmakers in the league.

Smith is rated as the 213th player on Warpaint Illustrated's value board and carries an early sixth round grade.

WR Chad Jackson – Florida – 6'1" 205lbs

At 6'1" Jackson is the tallest wide receiver of the first round prospects and his 4.32 forty makes him the fastest. Should anyone question his hands they obviously missed his performance at ESPN's College Football All-Star Challenge, where he stood in the middle of four jugs machines and caught 27 footballs in 30 seconds. That is an impressive display of rhythm and concentration.

Chad Jackson is Warpaint Illustrated's top-rated wide receiver and carries an early first round grade.

OG Charles Spencer – Pittsburgh – 6'5" 330lbs (worked out)

Charles Spencer is the most explosive offensive lineman in this years draft and will be a dominant presence in the NFL. Players this big, mean and strong are extremely rare. Despite his enormous 330-pound frame he has the necessary quickness to reach the second level of the defense.

As far as the Chiefs are concerned Spencer would be an outstanding acquisition to pair opposite of Brian Waters. Even with the retirement of Will Shields, Kansas City would be able to boast the best tandem of guards in the NFL.

Charles Spencer is Warpaint Illustrated's top rated offensive guard and carries a mid first-round grade.

C Chris Chester – Oklahoma – 6'4" 285lbs

Chester is strikingly similar to Kansas City's Casey Wiegmann, so it is not surprising that the Chiefs are showing an interest in him. With Wiegmann's age now becoming a concern the Chiefs would be wise to be on the lookout for a replacement.

Chris Chester is Warpaint Illustrated's fourth-rated center and carries a late third-round grade.

DE Kamerion Wimbley – Florida St. – 6'4" 255lbs (visited)

Kamerion Wimbley is part of a large class of pass-rushing defensive ends in the 2006 draft. Like many of the others, Wimbley is a tall and slender speed rusher that relies on his freakish athleticism to reach the quarterback (Wimbley ran a 4.61 in the forty-yard dash).

The biggest question surrounding Wimbley is if he can produce without a stud defensive tackle next to him. If Broderick Bunkley hadn't played at his side could Wimbley still have produced at a high level? It's strikingly similar to the Julius Peppers and Ryan Sims scenario.

Wimbley is Warpaint Illustrated's sixth-rated defensive end and carries a mid second-round grade.

CB Richard Marshall – Fresno St. – 5'11" 190lbs

Richard Marshall is an athletic cover corner and the top defender coming out of the Western Athletic Conference. Though he hasn't faced top tier competition, Marshall has been constant in his ability to make coverage appear effortless. He has the natural ability to swivel his hips at full speed and can turn and mirror receivers as well as anyone in the country.

Marshall is Warpaint Illustrated's fifth-rated corner and carries an early second-round grade.

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