Chiefs Should Pass On Pass Catcher

Without question the Chiefs need to and want to add a legitimate playmaker to their wide receiver corp. They flirted with Terrell Owens before he signed with the Dallas Cowboys. They've expressed an interest in Javon Walker, the disgruntled wide receiver from the Green Bay Packers. They hosted the top wide receivers in this draft during the weeks leading up to the draft.

In the event the Chiefs opt to not or are unable to trade for Walker, they should pass on taking a wide receiver in the first round of the 2006 draft. The names to remember are Chad Jackson from the University of Florida and Santonio Holmes for The Ohio State University. While both players have talent, they don't have enough to warrant being the Chiefs first round pick.

Rookie wide receivers almost never provide a big contribution in their rookie year. The Chiefs need an impact player out of this draft (preferably 2 from the first 2 rounds), particularly on defense. Let's take a look at the wide receivers drafted in the first rounds of the last two drafts.

Here's the 2005 class with the round they were taken, the position they were taken and the school they attended.

1 3 Braylon Edwards WR Michigan.

1 7 Troy Williamson WR South Carolina.

1 10 Mike Williams WR Southern California.

1 21 Matt Jones WR Arkansas.

1 22 Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma.

1 27 Roddy White WR Ala.-Birmingham.

2 35 Reggie Brown WR Georgia.

2 39 Mark Bradley WR Oklahoma.

2 55 Roscoe Parrish WR Miami.

2 58 Terrence Murphy WR Texas A&M.

2 61 Vincent Jackson WR Northern Colorado.

None of those wide receivers provided the impact that the Chiefs are looking for this season in their rookie year.

Heck, here's the 2004 class:

1 3 Larry Fitzgerald WR Pittsburgh.

1 7 Roy Williams WR Texas.

1 9 Reggie Williams WR Washington.

1 13 Lee Evans WR Wisconsin.

1 15 Michael Clayton WR Louisiana State.

1 29 Michael Jenkins WR Ohio State.

1 31 Rashaun Woods WR Oklahoma State.

2 50 Devery Henderson WR Louisiana State.

2 54 Darius Watts WR Marshall.

2 62 Keary Colbert WR Southern California.

Michael Clayton had over 1000 yards. Fitzgerald, Roy Williams and Colbert had around 800. That's it for the impact guys. Neither Jackson, nor Holmes is in the class of Clayton, Fitzgerald or Williams.

Further it seems the Chiefs have proven that it takes a wide receiver at least a year to get comfortable in this offense. Eddie Kennison, Samie Parker, Dante Hall and Craphonso Thorpe are those guys. A rookie will be no higher than 4th or 5th on the depth chart.

The Chiefs had the 25th ranked defense last year. The talent on the defensive side of the ball that will be available at the 20th pick is arguably better than the best wide receiver in this draft. The Chiefs need an impact player at the wide receiver position, however that player may not be in this draft. Top Stories