Life Plan: Edwards Understands His Priorities

On Friday morning, Herman Edwards will take the field for the Chiefs' first off-season workouts. He'll get his first look at the team's top seven draft picks, un-drafted free agents and second-year players who will get their first taste of ‘Camp Edwards'.

But on Wednesday, Edwards talked so some future Chiefs, doctors, nurses, bankers and dreamers in a compelling speech at the Boys and Girls Club of Kansas City.

"I have three priorities in my life," said Edwards. "The three most important things for me, not for you. Number one is my faith, next thing is my family and the third thing is my occupation. It's your life. It's on you. It's not on your mom, not your dad not on the boys and girls club, but on you. Make sure whatever you decide, it's your plan."

That theory will no doubt be part of Edwards' theme this weekend as his young players take the practice field. Edwards' words on Wednesday were delivered with a clear purpose in mind.

"I owe it to them to let them understand that at that age they have to have a plan," Edwards said. "I had a plan at that age. They also have to realize that they're special. It's all about choices. Don't start off when you're 21 to figure out what you want to do."

But Edwards noted that the hardest thing about growing up in this era is the peer pressure that children face today.

"It's not like when we were kids," Edwards said. "The choices that young people have to make are very important. These kids are important. They are our next sports commentators, next coach or President. I think they need to realize that they're special and they need to use it. They can't expect anyone to give them a hand out."

Nor should anyone take for granted the dedication of the Chiefs new head coach. For nearly 20 minutes he delivered a message that had the whole crowd paying attention.

This weekend, that message will ring true for 67 players desperate for a spot on the Chiefs final 53-man roster. Not all of them will make it, but at some point when they were younger, they all chose to be football players. Just like Herm Edwards did.

This weekend's camp will be an adjustment from college for the rookies, and even second-year players will have to deal with changes. Edwards does not run things in the exact same fashion as Dick Vermeil did.

"It'll be a good way for us to look at players who we drafted and players who didn't get an opportunity to play last year," said Edwards. "Especially those on defense."

But the players are not the only ones who are going to have to make adjustments. Edwards said the plan looked good "on paper," but the coaching staff is eager to get on the field.

Part of that plan could be a shock to first and second-year players in attendance. Edwards has already laid the foundation for the team's new work ethic. The pace at which practice proceeds will be quickened.

"I believe that you practice at a tempo similar to the game," said Edwards. "I don't like those practices that linger on and on and on. I like it to be very efficient and get guys going. When they go out there on Sundays, they have to make (quick) decisions."

That means they'll be prepared, and that's the message Edwards wanted to get across to the children at the Boys and Girls Club. In life, you can't do anything without being prepared to achieve goals. That means putting yourself in a position to succeed.

"Success is a journey," said Edwards. "It's never a destination. Don't be satisfied with success." Top Stories