Rookie Camp Recap: Day 1

It was obvious from the beginning that this was Herm Edwards' show. In his first time on the Chiefs practice field, he was all over the place, actively participating in every aspect of practice. Edwards was running around, mixing it up with players in position drills and actively demonstrating techniques. Former coach Dick Vermeil was an involved coach, but nothing like this.

New offensive coordinator Mike Solari is a 180 degree turn from Al Saunders. Coach Solari is very vocal and much more animated than the soft-spoken Saunders. He's also a little more hands on than Saunders was.

There were several veterans in attendance, which was a little surprising. Some guys were asked to attend, some showed up voluntarily. Among the attendees: wide receiver Craphonso Thorpe, wide receiver Jeris McIntyre, cornerback Benny Sapp, safety William Bartee, cornerback Julian Battle, running back Quentin Griffin, safety Scott Connot, fullback Ronnie Cruz, cornerback Alphonso Hodge, linebacker Boomer Grigsby, linebacker Rich Scanlon (now wearing 55), defensive tackle Junior Siavii, defensive end Jimmy Wilkerson and linebacker Keyaron Fox.

Quarterback Brodie Croyle has a great arm. He could have the best arm on the roster right now, which is remarkable considering that he is kind of small from a weight perspective. His mechanics are top notch. Croyle showed his nerves in the initial segments of practice; he was pulling out early from under center. He settled down and before long was throwing crisp deep outs into the wind.

The Chiefs other quarterback prospect, Casey Printers is a different animal altogether. He appears to be more of a touch passer. Printers' size and athleticism are apparent, though. The guy can move.

Defensive end Tamba Hali is even quicker and more explosive in person than he appears to be on film. He's very impressive. I'm going to wait until I see everyone next week, but I think he might be the quickest defensive lineman, even quicker than Wilkerson, who I thought was the Chiefs most explosive off the line last year.

I was very impressed by wide receiver Jeff Webb. Great hands, great speed, nice crisp route running.

Safety Bernard Pollard covers better than people thought he would. He has a reputation for being a big hitter, but he kept up with receivers who entered his zone.

Veteran wide receiver Craphonso Thorpe looks like he hit the weight room this offseason. He's noticeably bigger than he was last season. It's tough to tell if he's lost any speed, I can get a better handle on that once the full squad workouts begin.

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