Camp Edwards

It was just the first day of the Chiefs mini-camp sessions and already Head Coach Herman Edwards has put his stamp on this years team.

"I'm not going to be a head coach who just walks around, " Edwards said. "I'm going to coach. I'm going to be involved with all the positions."

And that's just what he did.

Herman Edwards was working with the linebackers, safeties, corners and the defensive lineman in the morning. In the afternoon he spent some time working with the receivers. At one point, he was even throwing passes to the dozen or so hopeful wide receivers trying to make this team.

"Charlie (Joiner) can't throw. It's embarassing." Edwards said with a smile after practice. "I like throwing to the receivers."

That's a far cry from what we've observed in Kansas City in the past. In fact, the last coach to do it was Marty Schottenheimer but he stayed more on the outside of the action, Edwards was in the middle of the action.
Still today's first practice was kind of like your first day of school; nothing too fancy or complicated but that didn't bother the Chiefs new coach.

"We're at a ‘C' level right now," Edwards said. "Oh we'll speed it up and go a lot faster. The way you practice is the way you're going to prepare."

That's a theme you'll hear quite a bit this season from Edwards. Even though the practice was very well organized and simplified the Head Coach made it clear that every one was going to hustle and run. At one point during a switch in the drills, some of the players and coaches jogged to the other end of the field. Edwards wasn't real happy with that effort jumped and ordered them to run. They did.

Clearly he expects maximum efforts from his coaching staff. In fact, on Wednesday he put his coaches through a walk-through.

But don't expect Edwards to stop anytime soon.

"I think some of them think I'm going to die out," Edwards said referring to his assistant coaches. "They have no idea. I have lots of energy. But I enjoy coaching players on the grass."

The thing that strikes me about Herman Edwards that is so infectious is his easygoing high-energy personality. It's one thing for a new coach to come into a program and preach the words but he backs it up. It's clear that after 28 years as a player, scout and coach in this game that the 52-year old head coach loves the game of football.

"It's a kids game. You have to have fun out there," Edwards said.

That might not be the case for the veterans who may be a little surprised when it comes to the Chiefs new up tempo practices.

"It'll be interesting next week when the veterans come in and see how they accept this tempo," Edwards said.

That will certainly be something to watch next week.


QB Brodie Croyle - This kid has a rocket for an arm. With a stiff wind blowing in from the west, he had no problem slinging the ball and hitting his receivers in the hands. His arm motion is quick and he reminds me of Dan Marino with his release. He already has a grasp on how to use his feet. He slides side to side like a ten-year veteran. He can throw the short pass and the long pass with equal accuracy.

His counterpart Casey Printers had trouble throwing the ball into the wind. His balls lost some velocity. He threw some strong passes as well but not with the zip of Croyle.

WR Jeff Webb - He was taller than I thought and he showed tremendous hands in catching passes from the young quarterbacks. While other receivers were catching the ball with their chests and letting the ball come into their bodies, Webb used his hands to catch balls by extending those long arms.

RB Quentin Griffin - He showed tremendous speed and did an outstanding job catching the ball out of the backfield. The Chiefs didn't have a linebacker on the field that could keep up with him in the passing drills. He also ran the ball to the house every time he was asked to run the ball. That's something Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson do in practice as well.

LB Nick Reid - The rookie free agent clearly struggled with the speed of the practice. Though he ended the practice well in passing drills against the running backs. He adjusted well on a couple of balls and most importantly he kept the backs in front of him. Some of the other rookies and second year linebackers were not as fortunate.

SS Bernard Pollard - He took some one on one tutoring from Head Coach Herman Edwards in passing drills. It's clear he has solid instincts and Pollard already appears to be someone that the coaches are very interested in developing. He'll get every shot to be a productive player on defense. I can't wait to see the "Bonecrusher' mentality come out of him when he's in full pads.

DE Tamba Hali - Really showed off his speed in the afternoon session. His speed is second to none along the defensive line and once he learns to use his hands, he'll be a tremendous addition to the defensive pass rush. It will be interesting watching him face some better talent next week when the veterans report. But at the rookie level he's far ahead of the young offensive line that the Chiefs have assembled in this rookie camp. Stealing an expression from an old coach - 'he's the real deal'. Top Stories