Rookie Watch: Jeff Webb

Smooth. That's the first word that popped into my head as I watched Chiefs' rookie wide receiver Jeff Webb.

The 6'2", 211 pound product out of San Diego State stepped onto the field at his first day of practice and began to stake a claim to a spot on the Chiefs roster. The way he ran his routes and the effortless grace with which he got in-and-out of his breaks spoke volumes. Webb looked like a veteran.

You can imagine my surprise at hearing Webb's initial thoughts after his first practice.

"It was overwhelming," Webb said. "I took the experience like a pro, and I just went out there and did my best and just tried to soak up everything."

He certainly didn't look overwhelmed. In fact, he caught just about every ball thrown his way. He got separation regularly against the defensive backs he faced. If Webb was overwhelmed, he'll be dynamite once he gets comfortable.

Webb's display at mini-camp makes me wonder how he lasted so long in the draft. He fights off the jam well for a rookie, and he looks like he'll be able to stretch the field for the Chiefs. Webb said he wanted to work on things like discipline, studying his playbook and building chemistry with his teammates.

It's still early, but the Chiefs may have found a gem in the sixth round of the draft, especially if Webb continues to follow his own keys to success.

"Character, discipline and focus."

Sounds like a pretty good recipe. Top Stories