Quick Slant: May 20th Mini-Camp Report

This Saturday the Chiefs held their fourth day of 2006 OTA's (Organized Team Activities) at Arrowhead Stadium. As always, Warpaint Illustrated's staff was on hand to bring you the insight and information like only we can.

Watchful Eyes
With Saturday's practice open to the public, the Chiefs players ran through their drills accompanied by smattering of oh's and cheers from the crowd. When asked about the fan participation, Quarterback Trent Green said it "definitely" makes practice more enjoyable.

"It's always a lot more fun because you get the feedback from the crowd," said Green. "Sometimes it's a bad play and we know it's a bad play but to them it's a great play and they are cheering, screaming, and yelling. We know the play didn't unfold the way it was supposed to but they all thought it was good and we'll go with it."

After Practice
As in previous years, the Chiefs bring out a group of fan favorites to address the fans in the middle of the field. This year it was Sammie Knight, Jared Allen, Kavika Mitchell, Eddie Kennison, Trent Green and Dante Hall that had an opportunity to address the large crowd of fans that packed the lower level.

In what was slightly reminiscent to WWE wrestling, Jared Allen might have had the best dialogue of the group. Greeted by a loud ovation, Allen invoked the crowd to even more of an even bigger frenzy when delivered his short but poignant speech. "Like Kavika said, we've got the best db's, the best linebackers, and the best d-line. So we are gonna be the best in the NFL and we are gonna beat the Hell out of the AFC West, and we're going to the playoffs, and I'll see you in Miami."

Who Stood Out
Lenny Walls - Cornerback Lenny Walls was a pleasant surprise and handled himself nicely on the right side. His hips and footwork were right were they needed to be and he appeared to have the physical style of play you need from a cover two corner.

Quarterback Trent Green has also taken notice of Walls presence in the secondary. "I always like Lenny as a cornerback in Denver. He fits really well in to the coverages and scheme we're asking him to play."

Eddie Kennison – Kennison is coming off of the best season of his career and he might be due for a repeat. Right now he's looking better than he did at this same time last year which just so happens to be the time he was giving inklings of a top tier year.

Early in the practice Kennison almost shook Patrick Surtain out of his cleats with a double move that allowed him to get up the field and catch a 45 yard touchdown. Later in the day he broke another big play along the opposite sideline that would have resulted in a touchdown as well.

Samie Parker – Parker has improved tremendously over the past year. He finally looks like he's comfortable as a starter and confident in his reads.

Throughout the practice he was silky smooth on all of his routes and brought in every ball that was catchable. For the first time in his career Parker looks like a legitimate starter.

Larry Johnson – Although you should expect the leagues best running back to look good in a practice with out tackling, Johnson still deserves to be brought up. On two occasions he cut back on the defense when the defense over pursued and left the back side exposed. Both plays would have likely resulted in touchdowns.

Kris Wilson – Wilson saw a lot of duty at h-back and made the most of his opportunities. He was most noticeable in the passing game as he did a lot of damage to the defense over the middle (keep in mind there was no danger in being ko'd by a safety). He dropped a couple catchable passes but overall he performed really well.

Derrick Johnson – Johnson hasn't lost his ability to fly around; in fact you forget how talented the guy is when you haven't seen him for several months. He's reached another level in his game because it appears some of the mental hurdles are gone. On a couple of plays where he would have normally been out of position Johnson had the discipline to stay home and stuff the progress.

Tamba Hali – Watching Hali play opposite Jared Allen can give you goose bumps. Although he's a couple of years away from reaching his potential Hali will still give the Chiefs an instant upgrade on the edge.

Hali mixed it up with John Welbourn on numerous occasions throughout the day and looked pretty solid in doing so. Keep in mind that Welbourn is probably twice as good as anyone Hali ever faced in college so to see Hali have any level of success against him was encouraging.

Casey Printers – Printers is making a strong case to take over duties as the second string quarterback. His mechanics and arm strength look fantastic while his mobility adds a whole new dimension to the Chiefs offense.

He threw some nice passes in today's practice and looked particularly good on the bootlegs. Although he's effective as a pocket passer you can see where he is especially dangerous in situations that take advantage of his mobility.

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