Move #10: Carl Peterson's New Head Coach

In this 10-day series, we'll examine the Chiefs' off-season moves. In this first segment we'll take a look at General Manager Carl Peterson. He made a bold move in hiring Herman Edwards. Will it end up being his best move? It just might.

With training camp on the horizon, it's time to look back at what has transpired since the season ended last January. It all started with the resignation of Dick Vermeil, and with that the search for the 10th head coach in team history was on.

There was a lot of pressure to find someone to replace Vermeil, a coaching legend. Carl Peterson sifted through numerous coaching candidates but clearly had only one in mind to take over the franchise. That, of course, was Herman Edwards.

After a tug-of-war with the New York Jets, Peterson coaxed his former assistant Terry Bradway to take a fourth round draft pick in exchange for granting the Chiefs permission to talk with Edwards. Within 24 hours, Peterson had Edwards signed to a four-year contract.

It was a shrewd and gutsy move by Peterson, even though the decision to hire Edwards was a no-brainer. Still, it wasn't easy replacing a coaching legend, especially one that was as close to him as Vermeil was.

But Peterson has also built a special relationship with Edwards over the years. And privately, I bet he never had a doubt that he'd be able to bring Edwards back to the Chiefs family.

In the end, Peterson might have found a man who could coach the Chiefs for the next 15 seasons.

Meanwhile, Peterson has already announced that his run as Chiefs President and General Manager will conclude in 2009.

When he was hired back in December of 1988, he mentioned that it would take time to build the Chiefs into a Super Bowl contender. It's been 17 years now, and there's still no Super Bowl trophy.

But despite that omission in his Chiefs resume, Peterson has turned the franchise into one of the most stable in all of pro football. Since the season opener in 1991, the Chiefs have sold out Arrowhead a staggering 125 consecutive times.

That's a nice statistic, but in today's NFL where winning means everything, it doesn't amount to a hill of beans. In fact, winning a Super Bowl is the only thing that really matters these days.

And I believe that Carl Peterson understands that now. That's why he pushed Edwards into a coaching position at Tampa Bay, a move that eventually landed him the head job in New York. He knew back then that Edwards would someday lead this franchise. He did not want to settle for anyone else during his final years in the front office.

And that's why Peterson used all of his business sense and negotiation skills to reel in Edwards and steal him away from the Jets.

That astute move will be glorified by the fans if the Chiefs can make it to the Super Bowl in the next four seasons.

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