Move #1: Ty Law

In our final look back at the top ten moves of the off-season, we take a look at what might be the best move of them all. When this series began, I had a hunch that the Chiefs were going to sign Ty Law. With that in mind, I started the series and hoped that events would unfold to bring Law to Kansas City.

Thankfully, it all worked out. Otherwise, this series would have come to an end at #9 (Brodie Croyle). I didn't have a plan ‘B.'

On Tuesday, Herman Edwards followed his new cornerback to the media room podium with a bounce in his step and a smile on his face. One of the NFL's elite was on his football team. And I saw with my own eyes that he's ready to go to battle with this team as they start training camp.

The signing of Law reminds me of 1993 when the Chiefs traded for Joe Montana. But that courtship lasted only a few weeks. The Chiefs spent months going after Law.

It all started back in February. Within minutes of Law's release from the New York Jets, Carl Peterson and Law's agent, Carl Poston, started negotiating.

After nearly five months, the two sides came to terms on a contract that allows the Chiefs to keep salary cap integrity over the next two years. It also gives Law guaranteed money equivalent to his worth.

And just how much Law is worth is the $64,000 question.

Common sense says that Law is on the downside of his career. After seeing him at the press conference on Tuesday, I'm not so sure. He joked about wearing flip flops after he wore a cast during last year's Kansas City visit. There is little doubt that his chiseled frame is completely healthy.

He also exuded confidence, explaining why some people see him as a cancer, or anti-team. By his own admission, he is not someone who is interested in doing a lot of talking. Instead, he prefers to lead by example. He lets his play on the field dictate his value to the team. That explains why the New York media labelled him as ‘a bad guy' when the Jets' season headed south.

But what struck me about Law was the fact that he clearly loves the game of football, and he doesn't plan on retiring anytime soon. Though he's yet to don the red and gold, he's already at ease with playing for the Chiefs. He addressed the media in a manner that left no doubts about his desire to play in Kansas City.

It was almost like he knew all along that this would work out. He made it clear that Kansas City, largely due to his enormous respect for Edwards, was the one team that made the most sense for him. It was also the team that he felt had the best chance to win a Super Bowl.

Hopefully, that means we'll all be smiling at the end of the year. This move was huge, and not just for the organization. It means a lot to players on both sides of the ball and it lets the rest of the league know that the Chiefs mean business.

With Law and Patrick Surtain, the Chiefs have two of the NFL's most talented and physical cornerbacks on their roster. And they need them, considering they ranked 30th against the past last year. .

As Law stated during his first chat with the media, the Chiefs won 10 games last year. He noted that they missed the playoffs by a single win, and he hopes with his help that they can get that 11th victory.

But none of that really matters right now, because before the Chiefs can think about 11 wins, they have to win the first one. They'll get that chance on September 10th when the Cincinnati Bengals come to Arrowhead to open the regular season 36 days from now.

Then we will finally be able to see the true impact of Ty Law.

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