River Falls Day 2: Training Camp Highlights

Kyle Turley still looks small for an offensive tackle. I don't know his actual weight, but he appears to be around 285 pounds. Nontheless, if the season started today, he would be the teams starting left tackle.

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Training Camp – Day 2 Highlights – PM Practice

TheTurley Watch Part 2
Kyle Turley matched up with Carlos Hall several times and Hall was never able to get past him. Turley also fared better against Jared Allen this afternoon than he did this morning.

Will Svitek was able to keep Carlos Hall at bay during team drills this afternoon, proving he has quick enough feet to handle NFL-caliber speed rushers.

Team Highlights:
Kendrell Bell followed up his morning practice with another strong showing. On one particular play, he came downhill and destroyed McKenzi Smith on a dump pass in the flat.

In 7-on-7 drills, Kris Wilson beat Keyaron Fox up the left sideline to haul in a 30-yard touchdown pass from Brodie Croyle.

In 11-on-11's Samie Parker beat his coverage up the left sideline to give Damon Huard the window he needed for a 30-yard completion.

In a nice display of ball placement, Brodie Croyle hit tight end Robert Docherty at the right front pylon on a 45-yard touchdown pass that was all air.

Other Afternoon Notes

Jarrad Page, the rookie safety out of UCLA, batted down several deep passes and made three key tackles. Out of all the players on defense he had the best performance of the afternoon.

Benny Sapp was back at practice this afternoon and resumed his role as the starting nickel back. Chris Johnson had practiced in his place during the morning session.

Eric Hicks practiced with the team and participated in all of the drills. However, Hicks took all of his repetitions with the second-team defense at left defensive end. John Browning manned the same position with the third team.

Jimmy Wilkerson played left defensive tackle with the second-team defense for the entire practice. He was highly productive throughout the afternoon and created quite a buzz on the sideline with his play.

Willie Roaf might have retired, but Will Shields is still going strong. He practiced with the team this afternoon and didn't look a day older than 25 (granted this was his first padded practice).

Guard Tre Stallings continued to look strong this afternoon and stood out amongst his peers in the individual drills. He's definitely more of a mauler than the other guards and seems to possess a little more strength in his lower body.

Middle linebacker William Kershaw, an un-drafted rookie free agent from Maryland, had a nice afternoon practice. In fact, Kershaw has looked good throughout the entire off-season, so the skill he showed today wasn't surprising.

Tamba Hali's first day of padded practices pitted him against a familiar opponent in Kevin Sampson. In one-on-one pass rush drills, Hali had little success against Sampson, but when the teams drills took place Hali seemed to gain a slight advantage. Sampson's power against Hali's speed is an intriguing matchup.

Did Not Practice:
Ty Law (Has yet to arrive), Brian Waters (was not seen at practice at all), Junior Siavii, Ron Edwards, Stephen Williams, Alphonso Hodge and William Bartee did not participate in practice.

Training Camp – Day 1 Highlights – AM Practice

The Left Tackle Watch: The constant matchup between Turley and defensive end Jared Allen was back and forth. Although Allen consistently overpowered Turley with a variety of power rushes, Turley was able to hold his own and give Trent Green enough space to throw the ball. While Turley lacks ideal size, he still has marvelous technique and knows how to position his body as needed to buy his quarterback more time.

In the early part of practice, I watched the offensive linemen go through their drills on the lineman chute (an apparatus that teaches linemen to fire out low and stay low). Will Svitek was extremely impressive through these drills. His balance and footwork were outstanding. What makes Svitek even more impressive in these drills is that he happens to be the tallest player on the field. Linemen chutes are notorious for decapitating taller players.

In pass blocking drills, Svitek was exceptionally strong and pancaked his opponents on more than one occasion. He was also impressive while running at left tackle with the second-team offense. Clint Mitchell was matched up against Svitek for most of the day and Svitek handled him with relative ease.

Player Highlights:
Kendrell Bell made his presence known early on as he broke through the offensive line and stopped Larry Johnson for a loss of two on a cut-back run.

Right after Bell's big play, Derrick Johnson also penetrated deep into the backfield and met up with Larry Johnson shortly after he received the handoff.

Kawika Mitchell, Keyaron Fox, Rich Scanlon and Boomer Grigsby also had solid performances in the morning practice.

Samie Parker caught what would have been a long touchdown pass as he hauled in a ball in-stride up the left seam. No one had a good angle on him and he likely would have accelerated away from the defense.

Dante Hall took a play up the left sideline for a would-be touchdown with Derrick Johnson as the only defender in close pursuit.

Lenny Walls tipped a pass that was intended for Dante Hall on the right sideline and Greg Wesley was in perfect position for the interception. Wesley took the ball out of the air in mid-stride and returned it for a 30-yard touchdown.

Quentin Griffin ran right on a sweep, but Jimmy Wilkerson crashed down so hard that he immediately cut off the play. This forced Griffin to reverse his field and cut back, only to be leveled by Bernard Pollard who anticipated the move.

During the latter part of practice, Casey Printers connected with Jeff Webb on a beautiful sideline pass that would have resulted in a long touchdown.

Other Notes:
Quentin Griffin took a lot of reps as the second-team running back.

Offensive lineman Tre Stallings looked strong in the morning practices as he held his own against a couple of the defensive starters.

Jimmy Wilkerson has added a considerable amount of bulk and it looks like he'll be playing more "inside" this year.

The second-team offense could do absolutely nothing against the second-team defense. The second-team linebackers and Jimmy Wilkerson disrupted everything they tried to run.

Lional Dalton and Ryan Sims did a solid job against the run this morning. Both of them were disruptive and highly energetic.

Kendrell Bell caught a taste of Kevin Sampson's nasty side as Sampson pulled down the line of scrimmage and blindsided Bell on an outside run.

Long snapper Kendall Gammon has picked up some extra responsibilities as he was running routes as a tight end during receiver drills.

Depth Chart:
First Team - Offense
RT – Kevin Sampson
RG – Chris Bober
C – Casey Wiegmann
LG – Brian Waters
LT- Kyle Turley
QB – Trent Green
RB – Larry Johnson
FB – Ronnie Cruz
WR – Eddie Kennison
WR – Sammie Parker
TE – Kris Wilson

First Team - Defense
RDE – Jared Allen
RDT – Lional Dalton
LDT – Ryan Sims
LDE – Tamba Hali
ROLB – Kendrell Bell
MLB – Kawika Mitchell
LOLB – Derrick Johnson
RCB – Patrick Surtain
LCB – Lenny Walls
SS – Sammy Knight
FS – Greg Wesley

Look for another update on the afternoon session later this evening.

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