One on One: Eddie Kennison

After Saturday afternoon's practice in River Falls, I sat down with Chiefs' wide receiver Eddie Kennison to talk about Camp Edwards, his contract status, the possibility of Kennison leaving camp and his thoughts on Willie Roaf's retirement.

Warpaint Illustrated: How is camp going for you so far?

Eddie Kennison: It is going pretty good. Practices are a lot shorter, so that is a good thing. Just have to get into football shape. Other than that, everything is going good.

Warpaint Illustrated: You had pads on for the first time this afternoon. I know that Herm let you take them off mid way through practice. What was it like out there having pads on for the first time?

Eddie Kennison: It has been awhile, maybe seven or eight months maybe, but it is what it is. We have to get back used to them, putting them on, thudding each other up and just kind of getting a feel for them.

Warpaint Illustrated: What is your take on the Willie Roaf situation? He says he is retiring at the moment – you know, in the NFL anything can change – but talk about the impact of a guy like that, what he means to the team and if he doesn't come back what kind of loss that will be.

Eddie Kennison: Well, first of all, I have not seen Willie Roaf on television announcing that he is retiring, so to me he is not retired. Until I see him actually on television saying that Willie Roaf is officially retiring this year, then that is when I know he is retiring. But until then, he is not retired. He is still a Kansas City Chief. The impact, we all know what type of impact this offense needs and we definitely need him on the outside to make the running game and the passing game the way it has been the last five years. Not taking away from any other guy, Kyle Turley or other tackles that are here, but Willie Roaf, I mean, he is Willie Roaf. He is one of the best at his position.

Warpaint Illustrated: There was an article in the Kansas City Star earlier this week about your contract and I think we've received many e-mails from fans and people know that you and I are friends and we talk a lot. With that said can you clarify your position, because in the article you indicated that you might leave camp. How are the contract talks going, and what is going on with that right now?

Eddie Kennison: Well, we are at the point where my guy and Denny Thum talked yesterday, and I think we are still at the point where we were last week. I really don't know everything that is going on right now, but as long as they continue to talk and it progresses in a manner that our team would like – I'm talking about the Eddie Kennison team – then, you know, Eddie Kennison will be in camp. That's no question. I am here and I'm here with my teammates doing everything that needs to be done to get a winning edge and to try to win a world championship. You know, that is just the way it is. As long as the talks are going, then there is no worry for me. There are no worries that I am leaving or anything as long as they are talking and as long as the progression is going good.

Warpaint Illustrated: Talk about that for a second. I mean, you know, you and I have talked a lot about the game off the field and unfortunately the business side of it becomes a factor at one point. You have excelled the last couple of years. There are guys that are making more than you are, but you are also a very loyal guy and a very principled man. So it is not affecting you at all on the football field?

Eddie Kennison: Not at all. First of all, Nick, and I think you know who I am, I put it in God's hands and God will handle it. If I'm wrong, God will tell me I am wrong. If I am right, He will make some things happen to show that I am right. You know, that is all there is to it. It does not affect me on the field. I don't think about it. I put it in His hands and I leave it at that. Top Stories