River Falls Day 3: Training Camp Highlights

In Sunday morning's practice we keep a strong eye on Kyle Turley. Also, cornerback Ty Law took his first snaps on defense earlier today and linebacker Kendrell Bell looks like he's ready to make a statement in 2006.

Day 3 - The Left Tackle Watch:
Kyle Turley continued to play well as the first-team left tackle. He appears to be getting more and more comfortable with each practice. Fortunately for the Chiefs, he's much further along in his "comeback" than anyone could have anticipated. The most difficult thing he'll face now is the arduous task of gaining weight while practicing twice a day in 90-degree heat.

Whenever you think of offensive linemen with a mean streak, Kyle Turley is usually the first player that comes to mind. What many might not realize is that Will Svitek is hot on Turley's tail to claim the crown as "king of nasty." He's the kind of player that comes at you 100 percent on every play and he'll do whatever it takes to secure his block, even if it means pushing the envelope on the rules. What sets him apart from other players is that when he's forced to play a little "dirty pool," he appears to enjoy it. There is nothing like getting shoved to the ground and stepped on by a 6'6" giant who then stands over you with a grin on his face.

Team Highlights:
Kendrell Bell keeps making big plays and he showed up big on two occasions during 11-on-11's.

Bell's first big play was an interception of a Trent Green pass in the left flat. Unfortunately, he had the ball stripped on his way to the end zone, but he made an impact play nevertheless.

Bell's second big play was a monstrous hit on running back Derrick Ross as Ross tried to take a sweep up the right sideline.

Kyle Turley put his athleticism on display when he single-handedly stopped a line stunt between Jared Allen and Lional Dalton. He was able to move quick enough to chip Allen and redirect him before he pivoted to Dalton and cut him off.

Safety Jarrad Page laid a huge hit on Tony Gonzalez as he leaped for a pass on a deep post route. After the play, Gonzalez gingerly made his way back to the huddle.

During the latter portion of 11-on-11's, Greg Wesley came down the line of scrimmage and hammered Larry Johnson on a perimeter run. This created immediate bantering between the offensive and defensive huddles that lasted a good two minutes after the play had ended.

Casey Printers had a nice play in team drills. He was flushed out of the pocket, but scrambled to his right and threw on the run to Nate Curry, who made an over-the-shoulder catch for 30 yards.

Other Notes:
Will Shields put on a clinic today, showing exactly why he's headed for the Hall of Fame. He abused every defensive lineman that lined up in front of him. I've never seen him practice with this much intensity, and it leaves me wondering if he's feeling more of a burden now that Roaf is gone.

Ty Law made his first appearance as a Chief and assumed his role in quiet fashion with little fanfare.

Quentin Griffin had a big morning in the 9-on-7 drills, showing his speed and elusiveness. On two occasions he would have gone right up the middle of the defense for long touchdown runs.

Lional Dalton has been working exceptionally hard throughout all of the practices and his extra effort has been noticeable. If he continues to put forth this kind of effort he should eclipse the success he had during his first year as a Chief.

Did Not Practice:
Brian Waters was not present at practice. He's expected to miss two to seven days. Lenny Walls, Junior Siavii, Alphonso Hodge, Craphonso Thorpe and Ron Edwards also missed the morning practice.

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