Ty Law: Shaking Off The Rust

Ty Law made his first appearance in River Falls on Sunday morning, and by his own admission he was a bit rusty. But the veteran cornerback was hardly bothered by it, and it won't take him long to get up to speed. Nor will it be long before his teammates see the type of leader he is.

I have to admit that reports from New England and New York portraying Law as a man who cares little about his teammates could not be farther from the truth.

Just minutes after his first appearance on the River Falls practice fields, Law was upbeat and positive about his first day in pads.

"I think anytime you come into training camp you're a little rusty," said Law. "It's best to be in the best condition that you can be. It's a grind and it's tough, but that's what training camp is about. I am glad that I'm here, but if you ask me a week from now I will tell you that I wish I would have come later in the week."

That was something the Chiefs didn't want to happen, so they stepped up their efforts to get Law under contract before they started training camp.

Still, Law was excused from practice until Sunday, but it didn't take long for Herman Edwards to get in some personal time with his star cornerback and the rest of the secondary.

"That was on the schedule," said Edwards. "It kind of looked like Ty Law shows up and I wanted to get camera time, but that was on the schedule before he was even here."

Law comes into a great situation in Kansas City. Yes, the fans believe he's the savior, but he's never felt that way anywhere he's played. He knows it takes everyone on defense to get the job done. He's only one out of 11 guys, but his drive is far greater than most considering his age and the accolades he's earned over the years.

"No one puts more pressure on me than I do on myself, because I raise the bar pretty high for myself," said Law. "I don't feel any outside pressure. I've played in too many big games to feel pressure. I am very confident in my abilities; it's just going out there, getting the repetitions and just playing. Am I ready to go out there and play in a Super Bowl right now? No. But by the time opening day comes, I should be ready to roll."

And roll is the key word for Law right now. The Chiefs defense is going to have to get on a roll if the team wants to succeed, especially with the problems on offense.

With Law playing opposite Patrick Surtain, and Lenny Walls and Benny Sapp playing in nickel situations, the Chiefs have four guys who can line up against some of the top passing teams in the NFL.

But will Law play the left side or the right side? At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter to Edwards.

"I like it when you have the ability for guys to switch, because when you do play man-to-man you have matchups on certain receivers," said Edwards. "That's how they used to do it in the old AFL and the formations never changed and they only changed the tight end."

And it doesn't really matter to Law, either, because the Chiefs haven't had a pair of cornerbacks that could switch sides in a long time. You have to go back to James Hasty and Dale Carter in the 1990's.

It was a good problem to have back then, and I doubt Edwards or any of his defensive coaches are going to worry about where Law or Surtain lines up on the field. They just need to put them in a position to make plays.

"We are going to be rotating every week, and we're both getting used to playing both sides," said Law. "(Patrick Surtain) was here first, so I will start off on the right side, but I think during the season we are going to be matching up on receivers. So whichever receiver we have, that's what side we will go to."

With that out of the way, all Law has to do is get to know the schemes and his teammates. With a head coach that he trusts, he has everything that he needs in Kansas City to be successful. He also seems to know just what the Chiefs need to be successful as a team.

"I think the key ingredient to our defense and our team success is the players," said Law. "We have to be able to trust one another, know where each other are going to be and just have an attitude about it.

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