Training Camp: Day 4 Highlights – AM Practice

Monday's morning practice should have been titled "The Eric Hicks and Will Svitek show," as both players turned heads during the session. The practice also featured numerous acrobatic catches and interceptions as the defensive backs and quarterbacks dueled back and forth.

The Left Tackle Watch:
Kyle Turley and Jared Allen continued to battle back and forth in 11-on-11 drills. In one exchange, Turley was able to defeat Allen's attempt at a bull rush and drive Allen to the ground. Several plays later, Allen paid him back with a swim move and flew past Turley as if he was standing still.

Will Svitek was impressive during running plays designed to hit the perimeter. His foot speed is amazing for a player his size, and he's learning how to effectively hit targets on the run.

Svitek also put his strength on display during one-on-one drills against John Browning. Browning is without question the most powerful defensive lineman on the team, and Svitek made it appear like Browning was running into a brick wall.

Team Highlights:
In the early portion of 11-on-11's, Kris Wilson split the left seam of the defense to catch a 25-yard pass between Kendrell Bell and Greg Wesley.

Damon Huard fired a missile to Eddie Kennison during 7-on-7's for a 20-yard completion on a deep In-route.

Jason Dunn came away with a circus catch on the right sideline as he grazed a high pass with his fingertips and kept enough concentration to reach out and successfully make the one handed grab.

Boomer Grigsby had a big stop in 11-on-11's when he sliced through the middle of the offense and tackled running back McKenzi Smith in the backfield.

Rich Scanlon flashed some pass-rush skills when he came free on a zone blitz and nearly leveled Casey Printers. If it had come during a real game, Scanlon would have delivered a knock-out blow.

Safety Scott Connott made an outstanding one-handed interception on a deep Brodie Croyle pass in the middle of the field.

McKenzi Smith had a pass ricochet off his hands and fall into the arms of linebacker Derrick Johnson. Johnson caught the ball in full stride and easily turned the wayward pass into six points.

Other Notes: Brodie Croyle had a tough practice and was off target for the first time this week.

Tamba Hali was not at practice this morning, so Eric Hicks filled in as the starting left defensive end. Hicks made the most of his opportunity and put together an outstanding practice. He sent a clear message to the coaches that he won't stand idly and allow a rookie take his job.

Guard Peter Heyer has looked good in every practice. He doesn't necessarily jump out at you by doing anything special, but every time you look up he's doing something right.

Kevin Sampson has been improving with each practice. He's one of those players who are far better in pads than they are in shorts. A lot of that has to do with the physical nature of his play. There is no finesse to his game. He's all mauler.

Running back Derrick Ross is looking more and more like the number two tailback every day. I'll be shocked if he's not on the roster come September 10th. Top Stories