Part 2: Chiefs Draft Architect Bill Kuharich

Warpaint Rewind: In Part Two of this five Part series, Warpaint Illustrated Analyst Mike Campbell talks to Kansas City Chiefs Vice President of Player Personnel Bill Kuharich about the college scouting process.

Warpaint Illustrated:You have six area college scouts and one national scout so your staff blankets the country. With that being said is there any particular conference that you tend to watch a little more closely?

Bill Kuharich:"The southeast corridor (SEC and ACC) is always a fertile area. Year in and year out that is where most of the focus should be. Conferences go up and down but the SEC is always the strongest."

Warpaint Illustrated:What about the PAC 10? It seems to always be a hot conference as far as quarterbacks are concerned.

Bill Kuharich:"The PAC 10 teams tend to run more pro style offenses. The weather out there is more conducive to throwing the ball around with wide open offenses. You also have kids who grow up outdoors for 12 months a year so they are always active and developing their skills. You are always going to find skill guys in the PAC 10."

Warpaint Illustrated:You are now the Vice President of Player Personnel so you oversee both pro and college scouting. Prior to that however you were only scouting the pro players. Do you feel that gave you and advantage when scouting this year's draft because you were more familiar with the professional rosters and where the trends personnel were heading?

Bill Kuharich:"It's a double edged sword to make the switch because when you are dealing with pro players you are dealing with more of a finished product. You are also dealing with the same guys year in and year out watching how they'll progress. When you go back to college players you have to guard against being too tough on the college guys because you're measuring them against guys you've watched for the past six years that already successfully made the transition to the NFL. You cant be unfair to college player say I don't see how he could make it against the pro's I've been watching."

"As a scout you have to make sure it's an even playing field when you do evaluations. You can't get caught up in comparing an established four year pro with a college player. You can't expect the college player to be on equal footing because there is a big maturation process from the time he's 21,22,23 years old."

"You have to project what a college player will be like in three to four years once football becomes his job. You might see flashes of technique and wonder why he can't do it all the time but these days they don't get the opportunity to really hone their fundamental skills and techniques. The development of college players has really been hampered by the 20 hour rule."

"Once they get in to the pros and it becomes their job though the fundamentals get cleaned up. As a pro player they are working at it ten hours a day but with the 20 hour rule in college they don't have the opportunity to get the repetitions."

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Editors Note: This article first appeared in our 2006 Summer Edition of Warpaint Illustrated the Magazine. We're breaking it down in five parts so everyone can enjoy the entire interview with Bill Kuharich.

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