Nuge's Blog: Roster Ruminations Part 1

It's early, and I'll probably change my mind after the Chiefs play the Giants on Thursday, but I can still offer up some thoughts about the Chiefs' roster at this point. Enough time has passed and we've seen enough practices at this point where we can start to put two and two together.

Let's start with the quarterbacks:

Naturally, Trent Green is going to make it. I am going to go out on a limb and say Casey Printers will be the number two quarterback. It just makes sense. My partner in crime, Mike Campbell, made an excellent point during one of the podcasts: The Chiefs will be screwed if Green goes down, so they might as well play the young guys. Saturday, we saw a guy who was nervous and pressing, but he still did some good things. If he learns from the film of Saturday's game and makes better decisions, he'll have a good shot at being the backup.

Damon Huard has already peaked. He's as good as he's ever going to be as a quarterback. There's nowhere else to go, unless the Chiefs go the safe route and go with the veteran guy.

Running backs:

I'm going to continue going out on a limb and say that Larry Johnson will make this team. I know that's a gutsy call, but someone has to have the stones around here.

Seriously, though, I have no idea about what's going to happen at the third running back. Michael Bennett will be the second guy, but Dee Brown, McKenzi Smith, Quentin Griffin and Derrick Ross are all battling for the third position. Smith is out. He won't make the team, so that's one guy out of the way. Anyone who reads regularly knows how I feel about Dee Brown, but the Chiefs may decide he's the guy. He does know the offense, can catch the ball and is pretty good in pass protection. He's a solid perimeter runner. But he's not particularly explosive and he has questionable interior vision.

Griffin has good vision and runs similarly to Priest Holmes (a major plus for him), but he's way undersized. I think that hurts him. Ross spent the beginning of camp getting a ton of reps, but since, the Chiefs have almost shut him down. He's not hurt, so that tells me that the Chiefs are probably looking to put him on the practice squad, and are hiding him. Not a good idea. Two words: Sam Gado. Gado was put on the practice squad, then cut, only to emerge as the Green Bay Packers starter this season.

Reality is, I don't know what the Chiefs are going to do at the third running back spot. I do think it's between Ross and Brown at this point. At gunpoint, I'd say Dee Brown. If Ross is limited on Thursday, you can bet that Brown will be the Chiefs' third running back. Top Stories