More Blogging: Nuge Hits Practice Again

The Chiefs returned to Kansas City yesterday and everyone returned to the practice field this afternoon. Flat, of course. There wasn't a whole lot of real energy today, but that could be attributed to a lack of sleep. It could also be attributed to getting your butts handed to you on national television. It's the preseason, but there's no excuse for getting beat in the trenches any time of year.

Brian Waters is back at practice, but no Will Shields. Rookie Tre Stallings stood in for Shields and was decent. Herm said after practice that he expected Shields to be back fairly soon. The Chiefs are calling it a high ankle sprain (tough, tough injury to play through), and I heard rumors that Shields was in a soft cast after the game. That's typical for a high ankle sprain.

Also returning to practice were Lenny Walls and Tamba Hali. Michael Bennett also practiced after being on the shelf since being signed earlier this month. Missing from practice were Ty Law, Greg Wesley, Jared Allen, Peter Heyer and Jimmy Wilkerson. None of them are hurt, according to the Chiefs. They were excused for personal reasons. Benny Sapp filled in for Law, Bernard Pollard filled in for Wesley and the Chiefs rotated defensive ends with the starters, including Carlos Hall.

Gunther Cunningham finally showed up. He's been quiet just about the entire offseason, but he finally erupted. I couldn't make out what he was saying, but he had a couple of fiery, spittle-accentuated tirades. Welcome back, Gun. We missed you.

It's going to be hard for the Chiefs to let go of Chris Johnson. He's been playing well, and he's got a knack for the scheme. The Chiefs are going to make some tough decisions at cornerback. It comes down to Alphonso Hodge, Justion Perkins, Jerald Brown and Johnson playing for the final spot. The only way two of those guys make the roster is if Lenny Walls or Benny Sapp get cut, and I don't see that happening.

Bennett got some carries, and I didn't get to see that world class speed, but he looks healthy and ready to contribute. No word on whether he'll play at the Rams next week. We'll find out. I can't wait to see him up close.

Jeff Webb is getting a ton of reps. The Chiefs look like they're giving him the opportunity to win a spot on this team outright. He's making the most of his opportunity. Not sure if he can be a regular contributor, yet. Top Stories