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So I spent tonight watching the first three quarters of the Bengals-Packers game. Naturally, I wanted to get a look at the Kansas City Chiefs' first regular season opponent in their third preseason game. Needless to say, it was a pretty tough game to judge.

These two teams go together like a match and gasoline. You had to grade this game on a curve. The best team in the NFL at getting turnovers versus one of the most turnover prone teams in the NFL is bound to end up the way this game did. The volatile combination of the two makes it tough to get an accurate picture of how good the Bengals really are.

Here's the real deal. Having said all that, these guys are really, really good offensively. The team has the look of being the top offense in the NFL, and yes, that's taking the Colts into account. Carson Palmer is obviously healthy, so forget about the possibility of him being out for the season opener. The Bengals are bringing maybe the best wide receiver corps in the NFL, and will a nice intro to the cavalcade of top flight receivers the Chiefs will face this season.

The Bengals have still got that ball hawking secondary they featured last season. Trent Green and the boys will have to be wary of the defensive backs patrolling deep down the field. The key to cutting down the turnovers against the Bengals is to catch the ball. Most of the interceptions I've seen from the Bengals seem to come from deflections off the hands of wide receivers.


Quickly, I have to mention Jeff George. What does that say about the Raiders' feelings about the quarterbacks on the roster when they bring in a 38 year old quarterback that hasn't played a game in five years? He hasn't been in a camp in five years. Worse, George is a certified coach killer and team cancer. He could throw the football as well as ANY quarterback of his era, but if I were a Raiders fan, I would have serious reservations about the decision to sign George.

Why would the Raiders sign George? I guess because of their belief in their old chuck-it-deep offense. No one throws a prettier deep ball than George, and he did have a hugely successful 1999 season in Minnesota with current Raider Randy Moss. It's grasping, if I had the perennially erratic Aaron Brooks as my starter, I might want to look some other options too.


Remember the scene in Rocky where Burgess Meridith had Stallone chasing the chicken around? That's pretty much how it's going to be when the Chiefs face the Saints on Thursday. Like Michael Vick, rookie Reggie Bush puts a strain on your defensive players because he's tough to corral and get hands on. The Chiefs defenders will have to stay disciplined in their assignments; one overcommitment or blown assignment could mean six for the Saints.


Craphonso Thorpe got cut today. I'm not real sure now how high the Chiefs were on him after last years training camp. There was some grumbling by Dick Vermeil when the Thorpe missed some of camp last year with an injured finger, and maybe some of that perception of him having a lack of toughness carried into this season. I know that Thorpe did gain about 15 pounds this offseason, and finally showed the first round type talent he's had since been arriving at the Chiefs last season.

I don't think he's coming back to the practice squad. I do think that he'll catch on with another NFL team and get another opportunity.

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