Chiefs v. Saints: Five To Watch

Tonight's game between the Saints and Chiefs should hold little drama for the fans in attendance at Arrowhead. The last exhibition game won't give anyone an indication as to how the team will fare in 2006. The final game is only useful for a handful of players trying to fight their way onto the final 53-man roster.

The Saints might have the most heralded draft pick in a decade in running back/wide receiver Reggie Bush. He's talented, fast and exciting to watch. The Saints are a long way from becoming a contender, but they're closer now than they were before they drafted him. His presence has been uplifting for the city of New Orleans, still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

Nobody really knows for sure what type of NFL player he'll be, but we'll get a glimpse tonight.

For Kansas City, tonight's goal is to finish the game without any injuries. That's the most important thing for Herm Edwards and his coaching staff. There are a few players on the bubble whose performance might earn them a spot on the final roster. But for the most part, the staff has a solid idea as to who will and who won't make the team.

I think they have a pretty good idea about the Top 50 right now. The remaining three might not even be in a Chiefs uniform tonight.

But for those who are still on the team, here are five guys who could make an impact on September 10th when the Chiefs host the Cincinnati Bengals in the season opener one week from Sunday.

1. OT Will Svitek - It's amazing how far he's come in such a short time. Two years ago he was a Senior at Stanford playing defensive end and now he might be on the verge of being the Chiefs opening day starter at right tackle. Kevin Sampson played nearly the entire game last Saturday against the Rams, but that might not have solidified his starting spot. Svitek, along with Turley, bring a fearsome attitude to this offensive line that still needs to prove it can play (for now) without Willie Roaf.

2. WR Jeff Webb - If he wants to retain his position as the fourth receiver, Webb needs to step up his game. Talent isn't a question. Confidence and concentration currently are impeding his progress. Not many sixth-round draft picks get opportunities handed to them. Webb has been given one by Edwards.

3. QB Brodie Croyle - I would not be shocked if Croyle opens the season as the backup to Trent Green. I also would not be shocked if the Chiefs kept four quarterbacks until after the bye week. The young Alabama quarterback needs as much playing time as he can get. Damon Huard is not a serious threat to win football games for the Chiefs. If he had to replace Green, the Chiefs chances of winning would decrease significantly. That can be said for Croyle as well, but I'd rather see him get the time instead of Huard so he can get on the fast track in his NFL development.

4. RB Michael Bennett - Michael Bennett showed me that he was a player last Saturday. He found his holes and knew what to do when he crashed through them. Dee Brown won't make the final roster, and with the emphasis on the running game this season, Kansas City needs as many solid backs as possible. Bennett is the perfect compliment to Larry Johnson. With Johnson sitting the game out, Bennett needs to have another solid game to shake off the rust and get himself ready for the Bengals.

5. DT Junior Siavii - This could be the last hurrah for the Chiefs top pick of three years ago. He's never lived up to expectations and there are guys who are more worthy of making the roster. With Ryan Sims and Lional Dalton firmly planted as backups (albeit expensive ones), Siavii needs to have a Superman-like performance tonight to extend his stay in Kansas City beyond Sunday's roster cuts. That won't be an easy task.

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